Double Page Spread Movie Review Analysis Karanveer Sohal

Double page spread movie review analysis

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Page 1: Double page spread movie review analysis

Double Page Spread Movie Review Analysis

Karanveer Sohal

Page 2: Double page spread movie review analysis

The title of the film. It is positioned at the top of the page and is written in bold so we immediately know the film that the review is about. Its bold font allows us to see it clearly.

The tagline is a brief description of what happen in the film. It is used to set up the review and often the tone is set in the tagline. This tagline seems more positive than negative, which is portrayed in the review itself.

This is a second tagline. It compliments both the first tagline and the article itself. It references the review and gives us the authors opinion of the film.

The final rating. This is usually a rating out of 5 stars which is preceded by a summery of the review.

These are some bonus facts about the film that readers may not have known. This is effective as it provides more of a depth to the review.

The main image of the review. It portrays a scene from the film and contained the main characters. It takes up the majority of the 2 pages to catch our eyes so we are drawn to this particular review

Page 3: Double page spread movie review analysis

The name of the film. The tagline that compliments this invites us into the review due to its nature. From these two things we gather that it is a gangster film which would either put readers towards or away from the review due to the genre of film that is being reviewed.

The main image from the film itself. The guns tell us that this film is a violent film as it’s a gangster film, the caption sums up the film in a sarcastic, comedic tone.

The verdict that the reviewer has decided. The one sentence opinion is followed by the rating that the reviewer has given.

The review itself. The review has a minor headline which leads into the reviewer talking about the director and film. The review has context, opinions of the director and their own verdict with the tone they portray. In this case it’s quite a neutral tone that is being given off which is complimented by the rating at the end.

This section before the review tells us details of the film such as the time, date, director, plot and some of the cast. This is useful as it fills the reader in on the context of the film before the person reads the review.

Page 4: Double page spread movie review analysis

A witty caption for the main image. This is effective as its sarcastic tone is reflected in the review and the rating that has been given.

The main image of the review. The picture itself captures Bond in a nutshell, women and guns. This picture itself is used well as it gives us a brief insight into what the film I about and the themes that are involved, in this case a love interest and danger/violence is suggested.

A large, bold title to inform the reader that they are in the review section of the magazine. Its placement at the top tells us this as its large text and bold colours hit our eyes.

The title of the film. This along with the smaller image are placed on a hotspot meaning they are some of the first things that we notice. The smaller image much like the lager one depicts a notable scene from the film. As an high action scene is depicted, it almost suggest that this is the tone of the film, which from experience is a vital part of Bond films.

The summery and important facts about the film, and the rating. Their placement a the bottom makes it one of the last things we read. This is done so that we can form our own judgement before comparing it with the reviewer’s opinion.

The tagline of the review. Its sarcastic tone suggest the reviewer didn’t enjoy the film that much to that of other Bond films. It is used ell as it gives the reviewers opinion without spoiling the review and the film.