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I'm a big supporter of get out of the building approach! Along with that you can also do a LOT of talking to your customers online as well. It's a hack that needs time but shows how to get the information you want about your potential customers. I'm giving here the set of tools I'm using. Goodluck!

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Customer Development Hacking ToolsYour Customer Development Recipe

BarCamp Beijing - Apr 21st Who Am I?Originally from Israel Entrepreneur since 2005Blogger: Startup NoodleConsultant for companies and startups Building Mobile apps for companies and startups w.

Its a 5 Step Processwww.StartupNoodle.com3Step 1:Content Generation + DistributionWordpress

Tweetily plugin

Ingredients:Step 2:Building a FollowingEmail auto responder system


Step 3:Acquiring UsersLanding page generation + registration



Step 4: Find Users Info + Interests

Ingredients:Step 5: Give them What they want + Enlarge Reach

Time & Patience

Outsource or DIYPost the blog materials on their Facebook, linkedin groupsEngage & talk to them


The 5 Stages Processwww.StartupNoodle.com9The 5 Stages

10Mixem all together!Wordpress: Response: Contact - - - & Startup help

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