Cooking With Fire Engl 5373 Final Project July 28 2009

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Cooking with Fire

by Ali Brownfor ENGL 5373July 28, 2009Cooking with Fire

Introduction to Cooking with FireI love to cook and I love to teach people about food. My dream is to someday be a traveling food critic.For this assignment I decided to expand my own personal repertoire of cooking and take it to the next level with.FIRE!Limited training to three recipes: bourbon shrimp, bananas foster, and filet mignon

Project Overview Learning to cook with firenot a pressure cooking lesson!Designed training with ease of use in mind. Cooking can be intimidating to some and I wanted the training to be:ApproachableDelivered in a friendly formatEasy to comprehendEasy to follow alongTechnologically simple for everyoneRepeatable

Project FeaturesMethods used for teaching:Straight textPhotographsVideosPersonal accountsOverview of topicsRecipe overviewIngredients and prepPhotos and videos of actual flamb

Lets Flambe!Check out this link to see the full project:

And the award goes to.

Personal Favorite: Bourbon ShrimpEasiest to Flamb: Filet MignonEasiest to burn: Filet MignonSweetest: Bananas FosterMost Spectacular: Bourbon ShrimpTastiest: You decide!

Technical, Teaching, and Culinary ChallengesTechnical: Camera use - Difficult to get steady filming, Did not realize that the camera picked up sound as well!PBWorks New to this type of environment, had a learning curve learning how to use the actual programTeaching: Cooking It looks so easy to demonstrate recipes on TV and cooking comes so easy to me, I needed to slow down and put in all the steps.

Culinary: Filet mignon.(ruined meat due to too high cooking temperature)Bananas foster couldnt get rum to ignite and had to run out for more rum and bananas (and ice cream)

Evaluation MethodsCriteria to judge instructions effectiveness:This flamb teaching starts after a user already has general kitchen and cooking knowledge. Test subject follow recipe to ensure no steps were missedJudged test subjects creation against original recipe in taste and appearanceI followed steps to ensure no steps were missed

Success and CreditsGreat instructional and culinary successAchieved wonderful results after a few mishapsTest subject improved from the beginning of the project to the endKnowledge in areas to improve