Community Engagement and Makerspace

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1. Community Engagement and Makerspace Chrissy Klenke, MSLIS, and Tod Colegrove, Ph.D., MSLIS DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library University of Nevada, Reno Presentation at Internet Librarian 2013 conference, Monterey CA October 28, 2013 2. How can we engage with the community of the library? 3. Communities as patrons? Image credit: Natasha Starkell . GoalEurope weblog, September 8, 2011. Retrieved from 4. Or individuals? Image licensed Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic by cnystrom. Retrieved 10/2013 from 5. Time to get personal. 6. Superpower #1: connecting with individuals - one person at a time. 7. What good is connecting/engaging with just one person? 8. 1 person, 3 degrees of separation: 432,430 friendship relations. Image credit: Jeffrey Heer, Vizster Project. Retrieved 10/2013 from 9. One connection leads to another Image credit: Calzadilla, A. (2012). Anatomy of a social network. Retrieved 10/2013 from 10. Building trust. Trust is a product of vulnerability that grows over time and requires work, attention, and full engagement. Trust isnt a grand gesture its a growing marble collection.1 1 Brown, B. (2012). Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live. New York, NY: Gotham Books Image credit: Hernandez, J. (2013). Bicycles and Blueberries weblog. Retrieved 10/2013 from 11. Do your eyes light up?2 2 Maya Angelou. Attributed by Sara on the weblog The Good, retrieved 10/2013 from Image credit: Veronica Samuels. Retrieved 10/2013 from Jersey Moms Blog at 12. Simple things build 3: trust Active care. Dont wait to be asked. Build rapport. Many ways to create: being visible/nearby, using their name, encouraging Reliability. Deliver on your promises. Similarity. We trust people who are like us. Teasing. Testing and showing trust. Evidence. Social Proof. Note: rules, agreements, monitoring, and so on, are trust substitutes. Use with caution. 3Derived from Straker, D. (2013), supporting materials retrieved 10/2013 from 13. Trust is built up or eroded away slowly: one person at a time. 14. Superpower #2: Rapport. Reliability. Similarity. We trust people who are like us. 15. Image credit: imgur r/QuotesPorn: Being a geekSimon Pegg. Retrieved 10/2013 from 16. Little Boy the device exhibit: Build rapport. Demonstrate similarity. 17. An afternoon outing on the Quad: Deliver on your promises. Evidence social proof. 18. Would you be willing to let us? 19. Over 400 attended the opening of the month-long exhibit. Rapport. Reliability. Similarity. Evidence. 20. WordCamp 2011 - over 100 participants. Students, faculty, and members of the greater community. 21. The library in 2020 will be ruled by geeks. In my happy vision for the future, libraries are ruled by benign geek librarian overlords, and the world is full of awesome. Houghton, S. (2013). Sara Houghton. In J. Janes (Ed.) Library 2020: Todays Leading Library Visionaries Describe Tomorrows Library. Scarecrow Press, Lanham:Maryland.