Chapter 21 - Looking Back, Looking Forward

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  • 1. Discworld LegacyChapter 21 Looking Back,Looking Forward

2. Previously: Dorfl and Sim!Widget started working on male/male pregnancy Ella and Erzulie became children Baby number ten, Eulalie, was born And Errol and Evadne joined Edward in the Greek house. 3. Ever since Amber died Casanunda had being feeling out of sorts and couldnt help dwelling on his owndeath. He tried to distract himself by keeping busy, he was working on a couple of paintings that hehoped would be displayed in the hall after they were complete, and there was always plenty to dowith his grandkids. 4. He often helped Ella and Erzulie with their homework, remembering when it had been their fatherstruggling with his studies. 5. And he often spent time in the nursery with Roxy and baby Eulalie. 6. Little Eulalie was flourishing under all the care and attention lavished upon her by her family. 7. In fact, she received rather more attention than any of her siblings had at that age; Roxy wasdetermined to enjoy Eulalies infant days as much as possible while she could. 8. The other children were doing well too. Ella and Erzulie had discovered a shared love of music,although Erzulie preferred to dance while Ella played. Even Eric enjoyed watching the twins perform. 9. When it wasnt Roxy looking after Eulalie it was often Eskarina. She enjoyed taking care of her littlesister, and saw it as good practise for when she had children of her own. 10. Not that babies were everything Eskarina was interested in. She often (as often as her parents wouldallow anyway) went downtown with her cousin, and best friend, Penny.They loved karaoke and, fortunately for everyone else present, were actually pretty good at it, theywould both be receiving scholarships for their creativity. 11. Their trips also served as a time to chat without being interrupted by siblings wanting attention orparents bugging them about their studies. 12. Eric, on the other hand, mostly ignored his family to concentrate on the girls he brought home fromschool everyday. 13. He was quite charming when he wanted to be, and it was a rare girl who could resist him when heturned on that charm. 14. Eskarina didnt approve, as far as she was concerned Eric was tricking girls into thinking he was goingto be their boyfriend. Eric just laughed at this: he said that the girls who wanted a boyfriend werentthe ones who came home with him. 15. Seeing Eric had brought yet another girl home from school Cas decided it was time he had a wordwith the boy. 16. Ive been watching you, kid. Youve got a different girl hanging off you every day of the week.Eric opened his mouth to protest. 17. Im not disapproving, youre like I was. Your dad doesnt like me talking about my university years,cant say I blame him neither. Cas chuckled, That was some time, between me and Cassie half theuni population passed through that house. Cas was silent for a moment, lost in his memories, thenhe shook his head. 18. Anyway, Ive got some advice for you if thats the way you want to go.Yes, granddad?Be honest with your girls, Eric. Dont ever let a girl think she means more to you than she does. Thatway lies pain, both for her and for you. Cas rubbed his chin reflectively, and dont close your mindto the idea of settling down either. 19. But I dont Yeah, yeah, I didnt either until I did. Im not saying you will, just dont ever rule it completely out.Cas lapsed into silence. 20. Are you ok, granddad?Im old, kid, and tired, and I miss your grandma. Now run along, youve left your girl-of-the-dayunattended for long enough. 21. While his children were growing up and beginning to find their way in the world Dorfl was working onensuring the birth of the next generation.After a few months of failing to make any head-way with his previous research he and Eleanordecided to start from scratch. Well, almost from scratch: the growing population of alien abductionvictims served as a useful jumping off point. 22. Of course there are limits when your test subjects are other sims and when youre dealing with acompletely alien technology, but the blood tests and scans provided useful clues. 23. Even so the vast majority of attempts lend to failure, but every so often there was a positive result,and slowly, ever so slowly, things became clearer. 24. By the end of Edwards second year Dorfl was working harder than ever, but the focus had changed.They knew now how the process would work, it was now just a matter of getting the details right. Ofcourse there were many details, and many, many ways of getting them wrong. 25. Dorfl was staying later and later at the lab, so he wasnt surprised one night to find Roxy alreadyasleep when he returned. 26. He tried not to wake her as he made his way to the bed, but she stirred and turned on a light. 27. Sorry, love, I didnt mean to wake you.Is it still not working? 28. Dorfl shook his head and sank down onto the bed, Were so close, Im sure of it.Youll get there, I know you will. Have you spoken to Edward yet? 29. No Dorfl sighed, I just dont want to offer him the heirship only to take it away again if I fail.If it comes to that hell understand, but it wont. But, love, what if he doesnt want it? Wouldnt yourather know now?I never really considered him saying no. 30. Talk to him. Explain what youre doing, that way if the worst should happen hell be prepared. ThenRoxy smiled, and if he does say no you can relax, and stop staying in that lab so late.Dorfl smiled back at her, Youre quite right, love. Ill talk to him at the next birthday party. 31. Cas stepped back and looked at the portraits, he couldnt shake the feeling that hed finished themjust in time. He remembered one of the last conversations hed had with Amber, how sure shed beenthat she didnt have much time left. He hadnt understood at the time, now he did. 32. Ever since Amber died hed been resisting his romance nature. It hadnt felt right to go back to his oldways so soon after her death. But now he could feel the last hours of his life slipping away he wanted,no, needed somebody to be close to. He still had the numbers hed gathered as a young man; runninghis eyes down the list he smiled when he got to her name and rang the number. 33. She was happy to visit, theyd had fun together all those years ago and the age in his voice didnt fazeher one bit. 34. She was like hed been: when she was with someone they were her whole world, but there was neverany promise of a tomorrow. 35. She moved easily from man to man with little thought for any once shed left them. 36. It was what he needed. Anything more than that would have felt wrong, like he was trying to replaceAmber. 37. They said goodbye before Eskarina and Eric got home from school. 38. Thank you. 39. See you again some time. She said lightly as she went.No, I dont think so. muttered Cas, too softly for her to hear. 40. Once shed left Cas was alone with his thoughts again; he checked on Eulalie and then went and stoodby Ambers grave.What would you think of me, Amber? Here I am moping around, sleeping with university studentsand generally being a miserable old git, you were always so much better than me. 41. He came to a decision: yes he was almost certainly going to die this evening, but he wasnt going to gowith a whimper and he didnt want to go without one last party. 42. What did you do to your hair?Ran out of gel.I preferred the spikes. 43. Ill bear that in mind. 44. Cas was glad hed come to his senses in time to see his children and grandchildren again one last time. 45. He made sure to have a word 46. Or share a hug with each and every one of them. 47. He gave a special hug to Amber, Dibblers second daughter (not that she understood why, orappreciated it). She looked so much like his late wife but already reminded him of himself, he made anote to find Dibbler and warn him about that. 48. It happened when the family were in the middle of their meal, listening to Enrico talk about his day atschool. 49. Eskarina was the first one to notice that something was wrong. 50. But soon everyone felt the room grow cold. when they saw Cas standing completely still, his eyesgazing into another world, they knew why. 51. CASANUNDA DISCWORLD, IT IS YOUR TIME.Casanunda was unsure What about Amber? Will I see her again? Is she mad at me? 52. SHE IS WAITING FOR YOU. SHE SEEMED MORE AMUSED THAN MAD. Death, well, he didnt grin, buthe did sound like hed grinned. He offered Cas a drink and gestured towards a destination only hecould see. 53. Cas smiled, while he was sorry to leave his family behind he knew it was his time to go, and thethought of seeing Amber again filled his mind as he faded into the afterlife. 54. Rest in Peace Casanunda Discworld.My favourite heir so far, I loved you from the moment you rolled romance as your aspiration and Iloved you even more when I saw your life time want. You were a true romance sim throughuniversity, but you were also an awesome father and devoted husband. You may have seen otherwomen while you were married to Amber but it was to her your heart belonged. You gave me sixfantastic children and twenty-seven grandchildren. You were also the first of my sims I started tothink beyond personality points with, while I didnt have any proper plot it was you that started mymove away from purely observational legacy writing. Im going to miss you. 55. While everyone was mourning Cas, it was still Errol and Eulalies birthday. They knew Cas wouldnthave wanted them to make it a sad occasion, he had thrown the party after all. So cakes werebrought out and party horns blown. 56. And everyone turned their attention to the birthday boy and girl. 57. Errol went first. He became a teen with a thirst for knowledge; he didnt particularly care tospecialise, he just wanted to study everything. 58. While Enrico rushed off to change it was Eulalies turn. 59. Eulalie grew into a bouncy toddler. She immediately treated her audience to a huge grin a