Burning bright without burning out

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>BURNING BRIGHT Without Burning Out</p> <p>1</p> <p>feel/look like for you? what does beingBURNED-OUT2</p> <p>take theBURNED-OUTinventory3 Experiencing joy Experiencing peace Have gotten rid of high maintenance/low impact areas of your life Are looking at people, not through themOn the other hand, you are in balance when you are:4</p> <p>What puts you on the road toBURN-OUT? 5Depression Over Unmet ExpectationsMuch of depression is the result of running out of emotional energy.If in depression, youll look for ways to cope: a secret life to bring comfort to alleviate pain. 6Focusing Entirely on Self or on OthersMyopiaLack of self-care7Loss of vision/missionOff-track/aimlessGoing throughthe motions 8Taking the full load instead of delegatingYour shoulders arent that broad!9Feeling alone; no positive feedbackAm I makinga difference?10Going outside your ability/giftingEven Michael Jordanfailed11Pleasing everyoneAn insatiable questWork for need notfor approval 12Too many commitmentsMargin = Load - Limits13Lack of unity on staff or family Constant conflictwears on you!14</p> <p>Not having own cup/tank filledYou are on empty.Effective leadership can be nullified by an ineffective personal life. 15Drink AlcoholExcessive TV and video game time Keep plugging away for 11or more hours per dayTake dangerous risks Hibernate Vent Binge-eat</p> <p>Avoid These CommonBurnout Quick-Fixes</p> <p>16Burnout Prevention Tips</p> <p>Make a SYSTEMof Self-Care</p> <p>Save YourSelf Time, Energy, and Money17 Recognize the danger signs/gaugesWhat are your gauges to watch?</p> <p>The faster you recognize and correct your course, the more your overall performance will improve.</p> <p>18Schedule a personal retreatSweet spot of your strengths, OR ELSE </p> <p>you will live out anothers script for your life and burn out</p> <p>19</p> <p>Your Ideal Day:</p> <p>WEEKDAYWake-up timeBefore-work blockArrival time at workMorning/afternoonwork blocksAt-home eveningblockBedtimeWEEKEND20Delegate routine tasks; empower</p> <p>mow lawnPlanluncheonerrandsfix sinkOthercarpool kidsDelegate anything just you cannot do!</p> <p>Turn the rat race into a relay race.</p> <p>The measure of your leadership is how much you can get done through others.</p> <p>21Establish recovery time</p> <p>Remember the glass of water</p> <p>22Step backThe Breakout Principle: a mental vacation</p> <p>Refocus: Rest (your soul) + Results (your main things) + Response (other stuff)</p> <p>DDWW AA </p> <p>for a brief re-charge</p> <p>23Structure your days strategicallyBusyness does not equal effectiveness. Doug Fields</p> <p>24</p> <p>The 10% of time that you take to plan your activities carefully in advance </p> <p>Structure your days strategically</p> <p>25 6. Structure your days strategicallyThe 10% of time that you take to plan your activities carefully in advance will save you 90% of the effort involved in undertaking and completing the most important tasks in your work day. Carol Halsey</p> <p>will save you 90% of the effort involved in undertaking and completing the most important tasks in your work day. Carol Halsey</p> <p>26Boundaries are the gate around your property, controlling what of you goes out and what gets in.</p> <p>Your mantra: I can only do whatI can do. I cant do anymore.</p> <p>When you say NO, you say YES to high priority people and tasks.</p> <p>Establish and enforce boundaries</p> <p>27Establish and enforce boundariesGreatness of soul consists not so much in soaring high and in pressing forward, as in knowing how to adapt and limit oneself. Michel Eyquem De Montaigne</p> <p>Temporary discomfort (of saying NO) is better than temporary easeif it averts permanent failure.</p> <p>28Do it now; dont procrastinate</p> <p>Paperwork is like debris: sweep it all into a pile and block out a chunk of time to sort it one shovel-full at a time.</p> <p>29Get your tank filled regularlyIdea-sharing talking on phoneNetworking little detailsListening to music conflictWaterfalls traffic</p> <p>Fills Drains</p> <p>30DEVELOP YOUR BURNOUT PREVENTION HABITS</p> <p>Make a SYSTEMof Self-Care</p> <p>Save YourSelf Time, Energy, and Money31Physically</p> <p>Do cardio and weightsHit the off buttonRead the labels</p> <p>Develop a new habit/routine32Spiritually</p> <p>Spiritual balance is the bedrock that makes improvements in all other areas of life sustainable.</p> <p>Giving more than hoarding</p> <p>Your conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time.</p> <p>Develop a new habit/routine33Spiritually</p> <p>Self-affirmationsI am getting better daily.My future is bright.I can handle this.Say 3xs aloud in a.m. followed by post-mantra activity</p> <p>Develop a new habit/routine34Socially</p> <p>Forced Family FunUndivided attentionWhat do you want most in a friend? People that understandLook at 5 closest people: boosters or drainers?</p> <p>Develop a new habit/routine35</p> <p>Mentally</p> <p>When one passionis thriving, it shinesonto the rest of your life.Develop a new habit/routine36Your attitude is elevated.Your energy is expanded.Your relationships are strengthened.Your thinking is unclouded.Your confidence is edified.Your judgment is precise.Your job performance soars.</p> <p> When Charged in these 4 areas:37 11. Hire a life-coach or counselor .</p> <p>38Make a littleprogress every day. We are what we repeatedly do.</p> <p>39</p>