7 Most Beautiful Flower Gardens in Pennsylvania

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All you ever wanted to know about Landscape Gardens and their designs in Pennsylvania like Hershey Botanical Garden that have designs inspired from around the world. Explore: http://www.myflowergardens.com/

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  • 1. 7 Most Beautiful & HistoricGardens inPennsylvania

2. Hershey Gardens - Hershey,Pennsylvania First three and a half acre rosegarden opened in 1937. By 1942Hershey Gardens expanded to adazzling 23-acre botanical garden Hershey Gardens is an operatingdivision of The M.S. HersheyFoundation, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization Dedicated to horticulturalexcellence while providingvaluable learning opportunities &inspiring memorable experiences - amust visit! 3. Phipps Garden Center, Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania Since 1893, visitors have been drawn to the natural wonder and beauty contained within the 19 indoor and outdoor gardens of Phipps Conservatory A computer controlled de-icing system that automatically warms the sidewalks using waste heat at the front-entrance walkway to the Welcome Center during snow and ice conditions Phipps is open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm and until 10 pm on Friday 4. Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve - New Hope, Pennsylvania Bowmans Hill WildflowerPreserve is a 134-acre propertylocated in Bucks County insoutheastern Pennsylvania Picturesque trails wind througheastern deciduous woodland, openmeadow, along a small pond andPidcock Creek. Of the approximately 2000species native to Pennsylvania, thePreserve is home to nearly 1000 ofthem. 5. Brandywine River Museum Wildflower Gardens - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Designed by horticulturist F.M.Mooberry and begun in 1974 In 1979, Lady Bird Johnsondedicated the gardens to Ford B.Draper and Henry A. Thouron, twoindividuals who played importantroles in the establishment of theBrandywine Conservancy A unique feature of the gardensis the rainwater detention basinlocated between the two pavedparking areas and it provides awetland habitat for severalspecies of wildflower 6. Chanticleer Gardens - Wayne,Pennsylvania Chanticleer was the estate of Christine and Adolph Rosengarten, Sr. Mr. Rosengarten was head of the pharmaceutical company Rosengarten and Sons Their son Adolph, Jr., left the property to be enjoyed as a public garden and the garden opened to visitors in 1993 Sculptural, homemade seats, benches, wrought iron fences, and bridges highlight the uniqueness and personal nature of the garden 7. Bartrams Garden - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania On this site more than 250 years ago, John Bartram, a Quaker farmer, decided to spend the rest of his life seeking to understand all forms of nature Historic core is fundamentally a collection of Bartram plants species collected, grown, and studied by the Bartram family from 1728 1850, with a focus on native plants of eastern North America Today, gardening enthusiasts, history buffs, scholars and children enjoy John Bartrams legacy, now called Bartrams Garden 8. Meadowbrook Farm - Philadelphia,Pennsylvania Designed and created by J.Liddon Pennock, Jr. (1913-2003),Meadowbrook Farm remains hisgarden legacy Meadowbrook Farm sits on 25acres in the suburbs to the northof Philadelphia in AbingtonTownship The original parcel of 150acres, the house, and itsfurnishings were given to Liddonand his wife, Alice Herkness(1915-1996), as a wedding giftby her parents in 1936 9. My Flower Gardens is an excellent place to feel the true essence of different flower arrangements with the best landscape designs from allover the world. Thank youTo know more, visit:http://www.myflowergardens.com/