5 Lifehacks to Improve Your Productivity

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<p>Slackerize</p> <p>SLACKERIZEThe best lifehacks &amp; productivity tips for busy peopleWhat IS Slackerize?Ive learned a bunch of ways to maximize my leisure time, kick ass on the job, and get more done in an hour than most people get done in a day.Join me, why dont you, in learning how to maximize your life, or what I like to say, Slackerize your mind, body, and spirit to achieve more than you could ever dream.</p> <p>Lifehack #1Become a Badass using Wikipedias Random Article Linkhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random</p> <p>Lifehack #2Browser Keyboard ShortcutsExamples:Control-1-8 cycles through your open tabs. Want to go from your current tab to tab 8? Just click Control-8.Control-T opens a new tab.Control and + zooms in on the page.Spacebar pages down.Shift-Spacebar pages up.</p> <p>Many more in the Slackerize Premium Newsletter!Lifehack #3Single Biggest Productivity TipAt the end of each day, on a sheet of paper, write down the 3 things you want to accomplish tomorrow.You will be amazed at how much you accomplish and how good you feel when your workday is done.Lifehack #4F.O.C.U.S.F FollowO OneC CourseU UntilS Successful</p> <p>Lifehack #5A little stress reducer</p> <p>http://youtu.be/k-PiUJ22ZDw?t=2mWant to get more of these?Join the Slackerize Premium Newsletter</p> <p>5 lifehacks in each monthly newsletter</p> <p>We go deep in each one</p> <p>Only the best make it to the Newsletter</p> <p>http://slackerize.com/premium-newsletter</p>


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