3 Steps For Successful New Year Resolutions

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Text of 3 Steps For Successful New Year Resolutions

  • Its a new year!

  • Odds are you will fail at change

  • You already know there's something that you're doing that you

    really shouldn't be

  • It was not arevelation that you needed to make a


  • Holidays are often time for reflection

  • A new year is a great time to make

    the change

  • When it comes to resolutions, sticking to

    them is in effect an exercise in habit replacement

  • Dont tackle too many

    things at once!

  • Things that push us out of our natural


  • There is a tipping point where you know you

    need to change

  • You need to make to be able to go

    the distance


  • Make Sure You Have A True desire

    for change

  • But there has to be a benefit to retaining your new habit once

    you get there

  • Couple it with something you are passionate about

  • What if the thing you're trying to achieve can't be associated with a


  • Find a way!

  • Track your resolution progress

  • Can you see general progress & movement in the right direction?

  • Big change is not easy

  • Make a resolutionto

    obtain your resolution this year