Supporting infrastructures for Open Access

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Supporting Infrastructures to Open Research

An overview of free Open Access tools Emilie HermansProject Assistant OpenAIRE, UGent@openaire_eu@openaccess_be



Publish in any journal of your choice

How make your publication OA?

Subscription basedOpen Access Journal2. Deposit an OA version in a repository

2Open Access Week 21/10/2015 Add metadata: funder, grant ID number, acronym, publication date.

You can always deposit your work in a repository: Easier to find with a search engineServices such as a digitial object identifierOpen access may enhance citation rates

Add Associeted metadata2

Directory of Open Access Journals: DOAJ Processing Charge (APC)Publishing in an OA journal

Finding an OA journal:

3Open Access Week 21/10/2015

DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journalssearch by subject, license and publisher3

SHERPA/ROMEO: of copyright policies and self-archiving permissions

Check publishers policies

What can I deposit?

4Open Access Week 21/10/2015

Sherpa/Romeo vocabulary

Pre-print Before peer reviewPublishers versionWith lay-outEmbargoPeriod during which access to the articleis limitedPost- PrintAfter peer review5Open Access Week 21/10/2015

Pre-print: the version of the paper initially submitted to a journal publisher for considerationPost-print: paper accepted by the journal for publicationPublishers version: the final page layout and formatting of the published versionEmbargo: distribution only after a certain date5

Sherpa/Romeo colour-code

6Open Access Week 21/10/2015


Finding a publication repository

The Directory of Open Access Repositories: use Zenodo

7Open Access Week 21/10/2015

KUL: Lirias, Gent: Biblio, Antwerpen: IRUA, Bxl: Pure or Di-Fuse Opendoar provides a quality controlled list of academic open access repositories. search by subject, country, language, software or content type.


What about research data?Open Access Week 21/10/20158

Picture by Brian Herzog- - source

How will you access your data in five years?Flash drives/memory sticks Server of your institution8

Registry of research data repositories (re3data)

Finding a data repository 9

Icons: general Information, Open Access, licenses, Persistent identifiers, Certificates and Standards and policy. 9


You can search by subject, content type or country.


As Open as you want

Re3data: access

11Open Access Week 21/10/2015

Restricted means that external users can overcome access barriers. Shared data is not open fe passwordprotection 11

Re3data: certified

The research data repository is either certified or supports a repository standard.Trusted repositories

190 trusted, open access repositories12Open Access Week 21/10/2015

If repositories meet certain standards, they can get a seal of approval: sustainability of your data.-long term preservation.

Integraty, datasets are accessible, are the datasets provided in a usable format, is the data reliable and does the repository provide a unique persistent identifier so the data can be referred to12

ZenodoThe catch-all repository

All research and data welcomeCiteable. DiscoverableCommunity Collections Funding Flexible licensingSafeDropBox integration

Easy: upload describe - publish13Open Access Week 21/10/2015

- open to all research output from all fields of science, - all data gets a digital object identifier to make them easily and uniquely citable. - You can also create your own community where you can accept or reject all datasets, articles, but also working papers, presentation or images from your project.- It is integrated in reporting lines for research funded by the European commission via openAIRE.- Although they are highly supportive of open access they accept data under a variety of licenses. - It is safe: it uses the same cloud infrastructure as research data from CERN's Large Hadron Collider. It is a safe way to store data since data is stored in CERN Data Center. Both data files and metadata are kept in multiple online replicas.- They also integrated github. And if you would like to upload files straight from you dropbox, thats possible too.



14Open Access Week 21/10/2015



15Open Access Week 21/10/2015



Article Level MetricsCiteable. DiscoverableLink with funding information16Open Access Week 21/10/2015

Article level metrics: metrics that measure the overall performance and reach of published research articles.16

17Open Access Week 21/10/2015Open Access PoliciesFP7

Open Access pilot: 7 areas (special clause 39)Horizon 2020

Obligation to provide Open Access in all areasAllowed embargoes: 6/12 months

Allowed embargoes: 6/12 monthsResearch data pilot in 9 areas or you can opt-in


Open Access in Horizon 2020

Ensure open access as soon as possible and at the latest on publication, deposit a machine-readable electronic copy of the published version or final peer-reviewed manuscript accepted for publication in a repository for scientific publicationsThe grant agreement states:

- post-print- Deposit in a Repository 18

OpenAIREAn Open Knowledge & Research Information Infrastructure.OpenAIRE : aims for the widest possible dissemination of, and access to research output. Offers infrastructure, tools, information and helpdesk system

Facilitating the Open Access policy of the European Commission19Open Access Week 21/10/2015


OpenAIRE as infrastructure

Literature RepositoriesOA JournalsFunding Info

OrganizationsProjectsAuthorsDatasetsPublicationsData ProvidersMonitoringReporting

CRIS systemsA mini EU-CRIS systemData Repositories


Full text

Usage dataDiscoveryCrowdsourcingZenodoAPIs

EvaluationImpact 20

Open Access publications and research data are harvested from repositories. But also descriptive metadata will be ingested and linked to publicatios. All this information is cleaned, de-duplicated and linked. By developing a European-wide research information system a range of services can be developed. 20

OpenAIRE servicesWhat can we do?

Integrated scientific information:Metadata, publications, data, funders information, organizations, authors.Help with reportingGenerate a publication listsDisseminate your project

21Open Access Week 21/10/2015


22Open Access Week 21/10/2015

keep track of your research result. 22

Emilie Hermans (EH) -

Search all entities

23Open Access Week 21/10/2015


Grant id number


Detailed infoLink to CordisApp boxList of publicationsData Stats

Project page

24Open Access Week 21/10/2015

Visibility 24

25Open Access Week 21/10/2015

Progress report26Open Access Week 21/10/2015

Linked to CORDIS

27Open Access Week 21/10/2015



List of publications




Article-Level Metrics (ALMs): measuring the impact of researchFurther you can see the references made in the article and related data and similar publication.29

OpenAIRE tools

Help with reporting:You can find your publications and project listed at www. This is embedded in the ECs project portal (Cordis).

Generate your publication lists:OpenAIRE provides you with a button that will automatically generate a publication list.

Disseminate your project:Embed information in own websiteUse info and statistics Add publications and data to your project

30Open Access Week 21/10/2015


How can we help?GuidesFactsheetsWorkshops WebinarsHelpdeskFAQ


Helpdesk systemAsk a question

The National Open Access Desks (NOADs):

Support on a national level

32Open Access Week 21/10/2015

equipped with a helpdesk system. specific questions: by the subject or by your function. Questions are answered by a team of specialist, not any on a technical level but there are people of all countries involved able to answer country specific questions; The NOADs: national open access desks, are representatives of open access for their country and can help you with any country specific questions. 32

Researcher decides where to publishCheck publishers policies on Access Journals:doaj.orgOpen Access Repositories:www.opendoar.orgData Repositories:www.re3data.orgOr use Zenodo:zenodo.orgCheck for Article Processing ChargesSubscription-based journalUse tools and

In short:This is a derivative based on a scheme by, used under CC BY.



Be seen. Be read. Be cited. 34

Thank you!




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