Smart Grid, Smart Metering and Cybersecurity

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Smart Grid, Smart Metering and CybersecurityProf David WallomEnergy and Environmental ICT Group



UK Electricity network

Smart Grid

HPC Engine and Storage

Next Generation Infrastructure

The Smart Grid

High Speed Communications System

Service RestorationVoltage ControlCondition Monitoring/Data Mining

DistributionSystem State Estimation

Distribution Management SystemSmarter Distribution

Distribution System State Estimation

Service Restoration Algorithms

Condition Monitoring

Voltage Control

#myTrustedCloudNetwork topographical detail is exchanged between Distribution and Transmission operatorsNetwork changes infrequent and normally minorRegulator requirement for availability of single overall network map with NationalGridCurrently an email is sent from DNO -> TNOIntroduction of widespread distributed generation will change the requirementsNetwork changes could be significant and frequent [within minutes or even real-time]What systems can we use to share data securely for critical national infrastructure?Cloud computing as a paradigm is extremely attractive for activities which have variable loadsConsiderable security concerns for the use of shared resourcesTrusted computing allows the use of hardware based security mechanisms to measure and guarantee system state to a userProve that a mix of Cloud & Trusted Computing provide a system with the security and privacy guarantees that serious safety critical industries such as energy will find attractive enough to make use of?

#Emergent behaviour that can be identified from such potentially complex systemsCloud and/or cluster computingHigh speed communications technology platformsLarge-scale learning machines


Investigating domestic load profiles

#Here we have clustered domestic smart meter data from small scale trials, also utilised commercial datasets to establish the impact of the introduction of real-time pricing on different types of businessEstimated that energy theft is a 500M/year problem.6

#DIET Data Insights against Energy Theft

~400M in theft per year8 - 20 per property per yearSmart Metering only commercially viable by reducing human interaction.

300k meters per day, commercial customers48 half-hour kWh readings per dayDetails of 200 confirmed theft events provided by partners on demand

Training set of 1/1000 cases

Scale to near real-time for 50M meters~50k potential theft triggers per day

#ConclusionsMoving to Smarter Grid will be a gradual rather than big bang processMaking the Distribution Network Smart is the first stepRealising all the new and possibly different use cases for smart grid data usage is an evolving process

Communication between partners will greatly increase with new network utilisation usecases

Cryptographically secure Cloud computing is ideally placed to support sharing of information between the many and varied stakeholders within Smart Grid

The clustering analytics done on domestic and non-domestic data has also opened opportunities with other functions that are necessary to make smart Grid and smart metering a success.



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