RRI in Bulgaria & Romania

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<ol><li> 1. RCCI Hub Bulgaria &amp; Romania </li><li> 2. | Clic para editar ttuloRRI RCCI Hub </li><li> 3. | Clic para editar ttulo RRI RCCI Hub RRI RCCI Hub NE Bulgaria Coverage: Bulgaria and Romania Hub leader - RCCI - Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry) reliable business partner promoting and building resilient business community and Hub member - IMT - Bucharest Institute for micro-nano technology promoting scientific research, technological development, and transfer and innovation, as well as education and training. RRI RCCI Hub </li><li> 4. | Clic para editar ttulo RRI Status RRI RCCI Hub RRI RCCI Hub some specifics RRI is still new as a concept Tendency to be compared to other practices (ex: CSR, social innovation, etc Perceived as additional feature, requirement, award, etc Need more specific guidelines </li><li> 5. | Clic para editar ttuloRRI RCCI Hub Programme access to information research, monitor, educate, serves as civil eye on open access to information United ideas for Bulgaria NGO encouraging social engagement and implementation of civil initiatives with focus on the young and active citizens, uniting them to develop social entrepreneurship, social technoliges and innovations, science, environment, urban area, etc Romanian association for innovation dedicated to support and encouraging innovation On the road to RRI - organizations </li><li> 6. | Clic para editar ttuloRRI RCCI Hub Product: a new innovative method in radiosurgery RADIOCAUTER OMNIA RF4 300 - programmable surgical radiofrequency generator Tool: Romanian standard for innovation developed with inclusion of many stakeholders and debated publicly, in progress Project: Romanian Ecological Institute diminishing pollution in the Black Sea through education, enagagement, good practices code - together with the local community Homo Responsabilis (Game for children and youth) On the road to RRI tools, project </li><li> 7. | Clic para editar ttuloRRI RCCI Hub On the road to RRI examples </li></ol>


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