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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>DR MERCOLA Ubiquinol Capsules</p> <p>DR MERCOLA Ubiquinol Capsules</p> <p>Your system needs ubiquinol to produce cellular energy</p> <p>However, when you grow older, what you can do to change CoQ10 to ubiquinol diminishes</p> <p>Dr Mercola Ubiquinol enables your body to get all the benefits of CoQ10 as ubiquinol within the active condition, ready that you need to consume immediately</p> <p>Dr Mercola Ubiquinol fires up your cardiovascular system completely lower for cells helping strengthen your heart.</p> <p>Dr Mercola Ubiquinol 100% pure and natural (100mg, 30 Capsules) by Dr. Mercola</p>