Why your Business needs an eCommerce Store

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  1. 1. eCommerce Store Why YOUR Business Needs One Who doesn't love to shop online these days? Most consumers are choosing to purchase goods & services online via an eCommerce Store (or mobile Commerce Store) rather than at stores or malls. 1. http://www.cmo.com/articles/2014/5/6/Mind_Blowing_Stats_Online_Shopping.html - In 2013, Canadian businesses sold more than $136 billion worth of goods and services online [Statistics Canada] - almost 1/4 of all company sales came from companies' online Stores in 2013 [Statistics Canada] - Businesses also shop online; 47% of all Canadian companies in 2013 bought goods or services online [Statistics Canada] - 2/3 of Americans that are aged 50 & over buy online [CMO.com] - Online Retail Sales are predicted to grow to $370B by 2017 (up from $231B in 2012) [CMO.com] - Q1 2014, mobile eCommerce Revenue was up by 35% compared to Q1 2013 ONLINE RETAIL - NORTH AMERICA Statistics 1 eCommerce = a "billion dollar industry in Canada" as stated by the Government of Canada, 2014
  2. 2. shopping online Businesses can sell their products/services worldwide; no geographic boundaries Retailers can reach larger customer base with search engine visibility Low maintenance & operating costs for eStore; unlike brick and mortar shops (that have high operating, real estate and advertising costs) Customers are able to locate products quicker E-Stores are open 24/7 Provides easy and quick comparison shopping Daily or weekly deals, coupons and group buying are possible with online shopping eCommerce Stores have been known to increase sales and revenue as well as increase a company's loyal customer base. By being online, customers are able to easily interact with your company, read your latest news, learn more about your products and services and share their experiences. Online stores allow customers to be heard and for businesses to fully understand customer needs and wants. eCOMMERCE STORE Benefits eCommerce is fast becoming a consumers favorite way to shop. Don't miss out! Many consumers today not only shop from their desktop computers or laptops, but also from their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). eCommerce Stores that are NOT mobile optimized will lose on the sales that could have come from those mobile shoppers. Unfortunately, when a site is not mobile-friendly, it is difficult for shoppers to browse and purchase your products and services, giving them a bad user experience. This will then force them to visit your competitor's mobile eCommerce Store instead. Therefore, it's so important that businesses don't ignore these mobile consumers and take advantage of this growing consumer market. MOBILITY Mobile eStores Visit www.namtek.caInfographic created by NAMTEK Consulting Services