Drinking water distribution system

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Drinking Water Distribution System

Looking for a newdrinking water distribution system?Introducing the patented WaterMonster tank. The worlds first stackabledrinking water distribution system. The WaterMonster can hold 125 gallons of cold drinking water, thats equivalent to 1,000 water bottles! Most water coolers have one spigot. The WaterMonster has 6 spigots, a 1 ball valve and a turn hose bib to give you maximum versatility. No otherdrinking water distribution systemcomes close.

The WaterMonster has serviced 100s of races and events all over the US and Canada, including big races like Tough Mudder and Rock and Roll marathons. Events directors, volunteers and race participants have grown to appreciate the WaterMonster. No otherdrinking water distribution systemcan reduce labor and trash, give maximum exposure and be a revenue generating advertising bill board all in one!!!!

Contact Information Email ID: kevin@thewatermonster.com Website Url: http://watermonster.us/ Phone: 512-563-1737FREE