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11 Things Girls are obsessed with

Women are a race of organized human beings. They hardly miss to keep a track of their personal things. When it comes to their personal stuff, they are even so much obsessed with them, that they may even give up everything or leave everything else behind. Its not just all girly stuff but something as important as Roti, kapda and makaan, to them.

By the way, heres is the list of those things, a woman can kill for.

Sunscreen and moisturizers- No lady will ever go out without applying her daily moisturizer and/or the sunscreen. Conscious people, after all! And, by chance, if they forget to wear their essentials, they may drag you all the way back home to put it on.

Clips and bands- Take any lady for an instance, she has had purchased not less than millions of clips and bands and has misplaced them. But if someone else thinks of borrowing these things from them, they may even fire a bullet at that person.

Gorgeous apparels- A girl will have a pile of dresses stacked in her wardrobe, but still will struggle over choosing a dress to wear on daily basis. More than an obsession, it looks like a problem.

Matching accessories-

From her antique jewelry collection to her modern funky stuff, she loves it all like her kids. Its an obsession and obsession for sure.

Late night parties- May it be the modern ones or the sanskari ones, they love to party. They have moved on from old society norms to fun way of leading life, in such somber silence that its no big deal for them to manage the parental tantrums.

Boyfriend/ husband- Well, our beloved is just ours and hes not a chocolate candy, we will share with anyone. Toes to all husband/boyfriend obsessed ladies!

Unhealthy junk food, which she cannot have- All of us crave for junk delicacies. Deep down, we wonder, if we had the luxury of health to eat everything possible without getting fat.

Her own room- Everything has a specific place in a girls room. And a small change in that will bring a tornado of fury. If not believe us, try messing up with that.

Cleanliness/ organized things-

When you enter a ladys house, you will see everything just at place and she deserves a credit for this. No matter, how hard she works in office. How busy she is. She cannot stand a messy room and the one thats dirty, infuriates her to infinity.

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Author- Soumi Mukherjee