4 Sales Blunders

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In today's tough world 90% of salespeople are not meeting their Sales Targets. Some challenges they face are: a.Chasing prospects who dont return calls b.Inability to communicate VALUE to Buyers who, in todays world are a lot more sophisticated, knowledgeable and cost conscious c.Hearing TIO - think it over - all too often, when they ask for the business d. Discounting to obtain or keep business and e.Dealing with a Heavy Prospecting Pipe Line full of fence-sitters. How to deal with these challenges, that directly affect the profitability of your company, is the aim of this presentation.


<ul><li>1.Steps to summiting Prospecting Partnering Qualifying Identifying/Creating Presenting Summiting </li></ul> <p>2. Four Achilles Heels 1. Fail to ask courageous and provocative questions 2. Fail to find the real pains and PRESENT too early 3. Fail to understand the buyers process 4. Fail to develop meaningful business relationships 3. FAIL to ask the Courageous Questions 1. What are the rules of the game? 2. Is the problem sufficiently compelling to take action now? 3. Fish for the NO 4. Talking to the right people? Often buyers will seduce you into thinking they are the KDMS. Why? = so they can get information for free 4. Courageous Conversations Describe the situation as they see it Explore their feelings Frame your ideas and Outcomes Invite them to commit Name the difficult remaining issues Explore the options together Plot the Road ahead D E F I N E R 5. FAIL to find the real Pain 1. Where is the buyer now and where would he like to be? 2. Drill down further using open probes 3. Widen the needs / gaps / opportunities (find REAL PAIN) 4. Look at consequences of action versus in-action 5. Ask dont tell 6. FAIL to find the real Pain cont ... 5. Collect the yeses 6. Let the Prospect Summarise the yeses 7. If I say it the buyer can doubt me If they say it, it is true 7. Finding the Gaps 1 2 3 8. Widen the gaps Prospecting PartneringQualifying Identifying Presenting Summiting Objections 1 2 3 9. FAIL to understand the Buyers Process 1. Whats in it for me? (WIIFM) 2. Seductive questions from Buyers a) Our current supplier hasnt been as reliable as wed like b) We have a problem with ......... How would you address that? c) Wed like to see what other options are available to us 10. d) Do you think you could help us? BEWARE as these questions can hijack your sales process 3. Value vs. Price a) Be relevant and constantly ALIGN b) No canned pitches FAIL to understand the Buyers Process cont .... 11. Tips for ME as the New Buyer? 12. Fail to understand the Buyers Process 1. The 5 Buying Motives: a) Durability b) Status c) Cost effectiveness d) Pleasure e) Convenience 13. Develop Meaningful Business Relationships 1. Vocabulary: Work as a team of 2 a) Let US ............... b) How do you think WE should ............. 2. Research ..................... Go Beyond the Expected 3. Peer 2 Peer 4. Be a Businessman not a Salesperson 5. Use Google Alerts 14. Google Alerts go to http://www.google.co m/alerts 15. Alexander Forbes Weekly update February 17, 2014 NEWS Alexander Forbes: Premiums will not be going up Independent Online Alexander Forbes Insurance forecasts an increase in weather-related insurance claims 16. Be Succinct and to the point Religion Sex Mystery Preferably under 10 words A t t e m p t i n g t o L a n d B e f o r e Ta k e - o f f ? 17. A t t e m p t i n g t o L a n d B e f o r e Ta k e - o f f ? Good God, Im pregnant. I wonder who did it? 18. Find your Achilles Heel - SUMMARY 1. Identify where you are vulnerable 2. Take action now! 1. No Research = No Deal 2. Dont understand the Buyers Process = No Deal 3. No Pain = No Deal 4. Presentation Trap = No Deal 19. The reality of the Close Myth: Closing is the most important part of the call the way you close determines how successful you will be. The reality is that closing is far less important than what happens early in the sales cycle. The most successful calls close themselves. Mythbusters: How Major Sales are Really Made 20. Happy Selling Tel: +27 11 787 6781 Fax: +27 11 787 0726 Email: admin@peergroup.co.za www.peergroup.co.za </p>