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Role of Outdoor in Retail

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RETAIL: How Outdoor influences consumers' path to purchase. The notion of the shopper is shifting and retail marketers are having to operate in a world of blurring lines. This document outlines why outdoor is a poweful medium to connect with shoppers throughout the path to purchase.

Text of Role of Outdoor in Retail

  • Retail How Outdoor influences consumers path to purchase
  • Changing shopper attitudes and technology are reshaping the retail sector. Shoppers are savvier than ever before, managing tight budgets under considerable time pressures. The internet has not destroyed bricks-and-mortar retailers, with more shoppers now expecting an omni-channel experience. It is important to put the shopper at the centre of the experience and understand that they will continuously zigzag their way between the real and virtual worlds.
  • Marketers must create connections with a highly urban, mobile and connected shopper who expects to buy anything, any time and anywhere. It is crucial for marketers to drive engagement beyond the retailers doors because shoppers expect immediate access to information. Increasing importance to influence at point-of-purchase among shoppers just browsing. The marketers understanding of the shopper journey has never been more important.
  • Outdoor advertising influences from the farthest distance to right at the point of sale. Outdoor advertising has a role to capture attention where people are, engage at critical points of decision making in the shoppers journey and influence the shopper in the last 30 minutes. By leveraging technology, digital outdoor advertising is able to create unique experiences and deliver engagement, all in an effort to make retail more exciting, entertaining and emotionally engaging.
  • Outdoor drives quality perceptions and brand stature. As a visual medium, outdoor delivers instantaneous brand and product awareness to connect with shoppers while they are out and about. Adding outdoor to a campaign typically increases the number of brand effects by 27% Les Binet Co-author of The Long and Short of it
  • Outdoor is always there to influence - whether shoppers are considering or switching their purchase decisions. An always on presence so retailers are never closed for business, bridging the gap between the home to the actual point of purchase and connecting the shopper both online and offline. Outdoor positively influences retailers online site traffic and drives footfall into stores. Global Shopper Insights Study across 81 Retail campaigns
  • 8 in 10 adults are exposed to outdoor advertising within 2 hours of making a purchase. IPSOS among all shoppers (n=604) Outdoor is the last window of influence, not accessible by other mass reach media. Proximity ads capture shoppers in the right mindset, while they are out shopping making it the last contact is best to drive footfall into store.
  • Outdoor advertising is an impactful marketing vehicle because it is present where shoppers congregate, where they are in the right mindset and has proven influence in driving awareness, consideration, trial and purchase. The lines between online and off-line shopping are blurring, but the unique benefits of outdoor remain unchanged as an awareness building, directional medium as well as the last window of influence. By understanding the demands of the new shopper, outdoor advertising delivers powerful messages in the places that matter, namely where they shop. In Summary.