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Employee Engagement “ A journey into lasting success ”

Employee engagement

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Employee Engagement A journey into lasting success

What is Employee Engagement?

Why is it important ?Engaged employees are more customer focused Engaged employees take less time off sickEngaged employees care about the future of their companyEngaged employees are inspired to do their best

Employee engagement is about staff being included fully as a member of the team, it is based on trust, communication both ways and where all employees have a feeling of pride and loyalty towards their company and each other.

Managementare approachable and available when neededTeam workStaff take time to get to know each other and work together to achieveRecognitionCreate a culture of praise and acknowledgement

Vision About the company strategy, where its come from and where wants to be.CommunicationEmployees are central to the solution, they must be involved, listened to, and invited to contribute. ImprovedEngagement Engagement only improves if there is a culture change from the Top down


We needLong term developmentFocuses on peopleEarns respectEncouragesGets involvedAsks

MANAGEMENTMost people quit because of their Boss not the job. This applies across all levels of a company.The BOSS

I wantShort term resultsFocuses on taskDemands respectCriticisesDistances themselvesInstructs


A Happy Workforce

socialising together can make you as happy at work as when you are not.

Old thinking

One person one task is more productiveStop talking work harderPerceived weak links given menial tasksIndividual expectationsAlways expect moreIm the BossNew approach

Many hands light workEncourage discussionInvolve everyoneWere in this togetherCommon goalsWork hard play harderSupport each other

RECOGNITIONFully acknowledge achievementsPraise effortsEncourage changeProvide honest well thought out feedbackBuild on strengths and support weaknessesReward Look for opportunities to redeployEmpower others

Be People positive not demanding & critical.

VISIONClear, Concise and compellingGood narrativeDirection and StrategyDevelop togetherCompany values reflected in day to day operation Every member of the team should have a stake in the company story. Focus on practical solutions to delivering a consistent message.

Build a culture which empowers ordinary people to do things extraordinarily well

COMMUNICATIONEncourage open channels of communication - People always want to talk about whats working and whats not within their company.Keep things Simple - The easier the message is to be understood, the more likely the adoption.Focus on cooperationActively listen and demonstrate through feedback that staff views have been taken into accountEnsure non verbal communication, such as behaviour and actions are inline with the message

Take what you can influence, deliver the change, practise it in yourdaily operation and nurture the team cultureMAKE A CHANGENote: Engagement is not about managing a team through rose tinted glasses, all smiles and laughter. Neither is it about abdicating responsibility.

People still need structure, routine, accountability and purpose.


Job securityWork/life balanceSafetyMinimise stressors


Career progressionTrainingDevelopmentLearning culture


Flexible workingAutonomyEmpowered teamClear goals

PUT EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AT THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING YOU DOA team that is committed and has bought into following the mission statement, who are passionate about their work, ready and willing to work together to deliver the best that they can. Is a team set to succeed.


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