Baby beanies, shoes & clothes offered by Gopooja

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1. Baby Beanies, Shoes & Clothesoffered by 2. Gopooja is offering some exciting and beautiful items forbabies. Through this PPT, we are showing you some beautifulbaby items that are listed on their online store baby beanies, baby shoes & clothes and more. Just gothrough the website and grab some items at low price foryour beautiful baby. 3. Baby Beanie - Beige and BrownStripesProduct Code: KD21-1Availability: In Stock 4. Baby Beanie - Blue with White PolkaDotsProduct Code: KD17-1Availability: In Stock 5. Baby Beanie - CamouflageProduct Code: KD19-1Availability: In Stock 6. Baby Beanie - MouseProduct Code: KD24-1Availability: In Stock 7. Baby Beanie - Mushroom PrintProduct Code: KD18-1Availability: In Stock 8. Baby Beanie - Red and White StripesProduct Code: KD16-1Availability: In Stock 9. Baby BootiesProduct Code: KD5-1Availability: In Stock 10. Baby ShoesProduct Code: KD1-1Availability: In Stock 11. First ShoesProduct Code: KD3-1Availability: In Stock 12. Little Yellow ShoesProduct Code: KD6-1Availability: In Stock 13. Easy Top - Size 5-7 years oldProduct Code: KD15-1Availability: In Stock 14. Floral Kurta and Pants Set - Size 4-6MediumProduct Code: KD12-1Availability: In Stock 15. Want to see more items like this visit For Kids Only onOnline Store Gopooja.comApart from kids items Gopooja is also offering uniquehandmade jewelry like handmade earring,handmade necklaces, handmade handbags and morebeautiful handmade accessories online. 16. Thanks for WatchingTHE END.