Acf 50 - product lab performance

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TEST REQUIREMENTS FORMIL-C-81309E Type III and Amd 3 Type IIFOUNDREQUIREMENTSCHARACTERISTICS TESTPARA... visible corrosionType II: No visible corrosionof carbon steel after 2 cycles60C (140F)Not more than 3 cyclesto removeNo visible pitting, etching ordark discoloration. No weightchange (milligram/cm) greaterthan 0.5 for magnesium, cadmiumand zinc, nor greater than 0.2 foraluminum, copper and brass25,000 voltsNo visible evidence of stainingor other deleterious effectsSprayableType II: 0.0005 inchesNone presentNo significant change incapacitance, dissipation factor andconductance of coil forms andcapacitors in the Q and amount ofcapacitance to resonate the coil.No significant change in the resistanceof resistors. A change greater than the allowed tolerance of the component shall be consideredas significantNo significant increase inresistance between connectedpins or decrease in resistancebetween adjacent pinsLess than 0.20No evidence of separation Synthetic Sea Water Displacement Synthetic Sea Water (Sulfurous Acid Spray) Minimum Flash Point Removability Corrosivity Minimum dielectric breakdown Staining Sprayability Maximum Film Thickness Abrasives Effect on electric components Effect on electric connectors Lubricity of compounds Mixability of compoundsConformsConformsConforms(175)ConformsConformsConforms38,000 voltsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsRESULTSTEST METHODTEST IDENTITYConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsASTM F 502ASTM F 485ASTM F 484ASTM F 483ASTM F 1111 Painted Surfaces Residue Surfaces Sandwich Corrosion Test Stress Crazing Acrylic Plastics Immersion Corrosion Test Cadmium Removal TestDouglas Aircraft CSD #1ConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsASTM D 56ASTM D 1644AASTM D 445ASTM B 117 Film Characteristic Product Composition Appearance Toxicity Flash Point Nonvolatile Content Viscosity Salt Fog Exposure Water Displacement Removability Storage StabilityDouglas Aircraft DMS 2150ASTM D 93MIL-C-1617DMIL-C-1617DASTM D 1644PassPassPassPassPassPassPassPassPass Flash Point Sprayability Low-Temperature Adhesion Nonvolatile Content Detectability Removability Storage Stability Drying Time Compatibility with CadmiumConformsConformsConformsAMS 3066BASTM F 519MIL-C-87937 B Humidity Resistance Hydrogen Embrittlement Polymide Insulated WireMisc.>166.9g/LASTM 2369 California Air Quality CompliantVolatile Organic ContentPassPassPassMIL-C-1617 DFED-STD 791(ASTM G 34) Water Displacement Ability Viscosity Corrosion Inhibiting Characteristics Functional Penetration TestTable IIBMS 3-23ETable IConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsConformsLight OxidationConformsConformsConformsConforms Elsan / Racasan Toilet Fluid Turco 5854-2L Orange Juice Coke Coffee De-icing Fluid NATO S.745 3:4 1:2 1:4 5% Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) 5% Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) 5% Nitric Acid (HNO) 10% Acetic Acid (CHCOOH) 45% EthanolAirbus Industrie TN A 007.10138ADDITIONAL AEROSPACE TEST DATAProduct Lab PerformanceACF-50 has endorsements or approvals from29 airframe OEMs and meets these industryanti-corrosion performance requirements.P.O. Box 1040 Station B Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 3W3PHONE: (905) 564-0018 FAX: (905) 564-2548 1-800-256-2548


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