User Performance Analytics to improve Business Processes

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How user experience monitoring software proactively optimized SAP business processes, functional support and improved the targeting of training. This presenation was part of the Learning Executive Forum 2014 in Bonn


  • 1. Johns ManvilleSAP User Experience Management by KNOA1CONFIDENTIALOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute

2. Johns Manville OverviewJohns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a leading manufacturerand marketer of premium-quality building insulation, commercial roofing, roofinsulation, and specialty products for commercial, industrial and residentialapplications.Doing business for over 150 yearsStrategic focus on sustainability, innovation and productivityLeader in all key marketsReinvesting millions annually to ensure we continue to provide theinnovative solutions our customers expectWith the strength of Berkshire Hathaway behind us, JM is arguably the mostfinancially stable company in our industry2CONFIDENTIALOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute 3. Over 150 Years of Proud History11885588 11997722 22000011Moved HQ and R&Dfrom NYC to Denver3Berkshire HathawayCompanyCONFIDENTIALHW Johns RoofingManufacturingCompanyOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute 4. 4JM WorldwideCONFIDENTIALOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute 5. How does SAP User Experience Management by KNOA help JM Allows for Identification of who needs to be trained Validates performance issues and opportunities for improvement Shortens time to competency and improves overall application adoption Provides metrics around improvements and enchantments Provides metrics around exact performance at each desktop Allows Service Delivery to be proactive and not reactive5Business ChallengesCONFIDENTIAL Identifies key areas of support needsOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute 6. 6Data-Driven Approach to Performance, Adoption,and ValueSave Money Reduce Risk andReduce costs caused by brokenworkflows and errorsMake more informed decisionsbased on real-time analyticsDrive ROIAssure user acceptance andimprove operational efficiencyDecide with Confidence 7. 65% of errors in onemodule with 8 usersMost time spent in Warehouse Shipping7KNOA DataCONFIDENTIALwith 330 errors in 30 daysOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute 8. 8Pinpoint user errors to a specific process step within abusiness processWithin F-03, more than50% of all errors are within3 screens. Possiblecandidates for usabilityimprovements?Within FinancialAccounting, more than50% of errors are within F-03 and FB01 transactions.But these transactionsrepresent a small portionof the total active time. 9. 9KNOA Data261 out of 892 errorsfrom single userCONFIDENTIALName 1October, 2013 Do Not Distribute 10. 10Assure process compliance and audit authorized usage(read audit)Why are these 7 userswithin FinancialAccounting role usingdifferent transactions andscreens to perform theirfunction?Why are these 2 usersperforming significantlyless activity than theirpeers?Why are these transactionsonly used by a single userwithin the same peer group?Why is Heidi the only oneusing these 5 transactions? 11. Module and Business Process Stats11CONFIDENTIALOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute 12. 12Gain visibility into application adoption and processexecution across all business processesMore than 33% of allutilized transactions arecustom, indicates a highlycustomized environment.Why such deviation fromstandard functionality?More than 30% of totalactive time is within 10transactions. Possiblecandidates for HANAmigration, usabilityimprovements?A lot of time is being spenton checking AccountBalance and G/L AccountLine Item. Should the usersuse FAGLL03 andFAGLF03 instead to easilysee the entries side by sideand identify discrepancies?Why more time isbeing spent onchanging salesorders rather thancreating? 13. How to shorten the length and quantity of phone calls, reduce callbacks How to reduce the quantity of email How to diagnose, replicate and resolve issues much faster than possible before How to pro-actively identify emerging issues - visibility to all reported or not - ! Reduce the risk in change management events with better visibility How to leverage KNOA SAP UEM to identify and target Training needs What are the issues, exactly? How do you know what is needed for a specific location?13Lessons LearnedCONFIDENTIAL IT support TrainingOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute 14. 14Proactive visibility into user errors48% of all usererrors are within 20transactions. Top 3are VA02, FBO1 andVA01.20 error types account for30% of all user errors.Top errors includemissing entries, G/L taxsetup errors andauthorization issues.60% of all user errorswere encountered byless than 20% of theusers75% of all errors wereencountered by users inUS and Brazil 15. Call volume reduction Improvement in the utilization Reduction in System and User Errors Business process focus on cycle time How do you justify the training worked? Baseline versus improvements that are measurable Error reduction What was the ROI on the training? Use dollars associated to work functions to validate ROI15BenefitsCONFIDENTIAL How do you measure success?October, 2013 Do Not Distribute 16. 16Real User Workflows and Powerful AnalyticsGlobal user data isaggregated for viewingin DashboardsActionable real-timedata improves the userexperience & cuts costsA users journey inSAP applicationsare discovered 17. Measure Success of Support Reduction17CONFIDENTIALOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute 18. What Does Knoa Have That Other Tools Do Not? Performance for response measured uniquely at each desktop by agent Unique KPI: User error and user workflow tied to real-time analytics Automation no scripting even for custom transactions No back-end integration required18CONFIDENTIALOctober, 2013 Do Not Distribute 19. 19Pinpoint poor application response times to useroperations within any screen and transactionSix out of ten mostexecuted operations aretrending negative in termsof response times. Whathappened during the last3 weeks of the Pilot?See dailyresponse trendsand alert onanomalies forevery operationDrill down forinstance levelanalysis 20. Contact InformationJesse