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Recruiting Optimization Roadshow - Lou Adler, The Adler Group

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Text of Recruiting Optimization Roadshow - Lou Adler, The Adler Group

  1. 1. Performance-Based Recruiting Lou Adler The Adler Group
  2. 2. High Tech & High Touch = Max QoH 1997 2002 2007 2013 2005 Predictive Analytics Process Control
  3. 3. How to Hire Great People Whats a Great Hire?
  4. 4. How to Hire Great People Whats a Great Hire?
  5. 5. The End of Average Harvard Profs. Todd Rose and Ogi Ogas Obviously, your work on performance-based hiring is a genuine bright spot. I've been reading your work (and just finished your most recent book!), and I have to say that I am blown away by how closely your ideas map to the new science. I actually think performance-based hiring is the secret sauce to getting to not only better talent management, but also to being able to ensure that we live up to our promise of opportunity in the 21st century.
  6. 6. Source by Job-hunting Status 5-15% 15-20% 65-75%
  7. 7. Surplus of Talent or Scarcity? S C A R C I T Y2015 All Rights Reserved The Adler Group, Inc. X
  8. 8. Creating the Career Move The Difference Maker to Maximize Quality of Hire DOING vs. HAVING Who would you rather hire, someone with the skills, or someone who can deliver the results? Performance Qualified vs. Skills Qualified EVP?
  9. 9. Predict Pre- Hire Quality of Hire Comparable Results Environment Fit Trend of Growth Team & Projects Job Fit Map to Intrinsic Motivators Career Move Stretch Growth Achiever Pattern (Formal Recognition) Managerial & Cultural Fit Leadership and Problem-solving Compensation Package 2015 All Rights Reserved. The Adler Group, Inc. Candidate Requirements Assessing and Predicting Quality of Hire
  10. 10. Recruiting Passive Candidates Consultative Recruiting Criteria to Engage Title Company Compensation Location Job Criteria to Accept Career Opportunity Job & Impact Hiring Manager Team Comp Work/Life Company/Culture/Mission Day 1 vs. Year 1 & Beyond!
  11. 11. Consultative Recruiting Creating the Gap Applicant Control Max QoH Metrics Candidates/Hire (80%)
  12. 12. Hiring in the Sweet Spot
  13. 13. Q&A, Tools, Next Steps Sign-up for special October Greenhouse-only workshop on Performance-based Hiring: Need companies for Harvard Proof of Concept study [email protected]