Optimize your Sourcing using Facebook & LinkedIn

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Facebook Graph search can be a powerful tool, that can unlock a pool of candidates you may miss in your regular searches. They key to undering this tool effectivly, is knowing how to hack it to do your bidding. In this session Martin show you, step-by-step how to unlock the power of graph search to assist you in filling your current requisitions.


  • 1. Optimize your Sourcing using Facebook & LinkedInMartin Warren Director HCMS/Insidejob Melbourne, Australia martin@insidejob.com.au @MartinWarren www.linkedin.com/in/martinwarren

2. More information and registration details at www.atcevent.com 3. Access to so many channels and tools - where do you startThere is so much data online how do you cut through all the noise quicklyThe haystack is getting bigger as we speakWhat works today may not work tomorrow We need to be part :Data Scientist; andArtistChallenges when sourcing! 4. 330M1.2B+ GloballyNZ 2.4M1.1B1.3BIf Facebook was a country...330M Globally NZ 1.25M 5. Search PlanKeywordSearchPlanJob TitlesWho theyWork/Interact withConversationsWhat They DoProfessional &SocialNetworksSourceCompaniesAssociationsConferencesUser GroupsMembershipsUniversitiesQualificationsLocationsTechnicalSkillsIndustries(or similar)Industry/DomainExperienceThink about what may be misspelt or abbreviated especially Job Titles, ever done a search for Manger or Snr in LinkedIn? 6. LinkedIn Every Search Works, Right!Are We All Finding The Same Candidates?Go Beyond Basic SearchUse BooleanPeople Search1.By Job Title2.By Location3.By Keywords4.By Company 7. Need to set your Language to English AmericaUses Natural Language Search (NLS), doesnt support BooleanHuge potential, limitation currently low percentage have professional info on profileSome Example NLS Facebook Graph SearchesPeople who like sourcingPeople who live nearby and are EngineersPeople who have lived in Christchurch, New Zealand and are EngineersPeople who studied at The University of AucklandFulton Hogan employees who are EngineersJetstar Australia employees who live in New ZealandPeople who have lived in Auckland, New Zealand and are BankersFacebook Graph Search 8. Thank you its been fun!Martin Warren Director HCMS/Insidejobmartin@insidejob.com.au@MartinWarrenwww.linkedin.com/in/martinwarren