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1. About Key Resourcing Incorporated in September 2009 Employs 100+ Recruiters/Sourcers CPSP (Level 1 & 2) Certified Sourcing Professionals Revenue Rs. 80 million (INR) 2. Vision Re-Engineer the recruitment functions of the world using traditional principles of RPO. Mission We help our clients to realize, that recruitment is not a process but an experience. In every stage of this experience, the focus is on quality, honesty, consultation and trust. With this mission as our conscience, we will always venture to develop that special, personal relationship that is necessary to provide a service which is second to none. 3. Global Reach Europe America APAC (Asia Pacific) Middle East Africa 4. Industries Served Aerospace Bio-tech Construction Financial Food Healthcare Hospitality Insurance Information Technology (IT) Manufacturing Mass Media Oil & Gas Pharmaceutical Retail Telecommunication Tobacco Travel 5. Our Customers List (Indicative) 6. What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)? Definition of RPO : Outsourcing is the management and/or day-to-day execution of a business function by a third party service provider. Outsourcing can be provided on or off premises, in the same country or in a separate country. The transfer or delegation to an external service provider of the operation and day-to-day management of the recruitment process. Manage recruiting/hiring process. RPO will improve a company's time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost. 7. Telephone Sourcing Organization Mapping CV Sourcing (from Job Portal) Profile Sourcing (from LinkedIn & other Networking Sites) CV/Resume Processing (Formatting) Data Processing Website Designing Recruitment/Sourcing Training What We Do 8. You find us vs. Well find you method. Telephone Sourcing Telephone Sourcing is finding of people by using voice calls (call through telephone/skype etc), who hold specific titles (usually) within (usually) specific organizations so that a recruiter may contact them and offer them an opportunity. Why outsource Telephone Sourcing? If there is an ongoing need and you lack staff, looking at an outsourcing provider might be both time and cost effective. Building an internal sourcing capability can take months of training in addition to the time needed to find recruiters with the needed skills. 9. A Glimpse of Telephone Sourcing SL# Name Company Job Title Location Contact Number Email Address Remarks 1 Ryusuke XXX ABC Senior Systems Engineer Japan 81-90-000-0001 2 Masahiko XXX ABC Senior Systems Engineer Japan 81-90-000-0002 3 Hiroshi XXX ABC Senior Systems Engineer Japan 81-35-000-0003 4 Manabu XXX ABC Systems Engineer Japan 81-35-000-0004 5 Hirokazu XXX ABC Senior Systems engineer Japan 81-35-000-0005 6 Junichi XXX ABC Systems Engineer Japan 81-35-000-0006 7 Kenji XXX ABC Systems Engineer Japan 81-35-000-0008 8 Takahiro XXX ABC Systems Engineer Japan 81-80-000-0009 10. Organization Mapping Organization Mapping provides Recruiters with a cross- functional picture of an organization and depicts the structure of an organization in terms of relationships among personnel or departments. An organizational mapping also represents lines of authority and responsibility. 11. A Glimpse of Organization Mapping SL# Name Company Job Title Location Contact Number Email Address Comments 1 Peter XXX XYZ Director, International Trade Finance London, UK 44-20-1234-5601 2 Lesley XXX XYZ Sales Secretary London, UK 44-20-1234-5602 Reports to Peter XXX. 3 Nicholas XXX XYZ Director Head Sales London, UK 44-20-1234-5603 Reports to Peter XXX. 4 Edward XXX XYZ Associate Director London, UK 44-20-1234-5604 Reports to Peter XXX. 5 Sven XXX XYZ Associate Director London, UK 44-20-1234-5605 Reports to Peter XXX. 6 Kieth XXX XYZ Director Transaction Banking London, UK 44-20-1234-5606 Reports to Peter XXX. 7 Andy XXX XYZ Director London, UK 44-20-1234-5607 Reports to Peter XXX. 8 Phillip XXX XYZ Associate Director London, UK 44-20-1234-5608 Reports to Peter XXX. 12. CV/Profile Sourcing Searching multiple job portals, internal candidate database (ATS) and passive candidates are of the most time consuming candidate generation activities undertaken by recruiters. This allows recruiters to focus on higher value or more strategic recruiting activities such as candidate networking, interviewing and client interaction. 13. CV/Resume Processing (Formatting) Our experienced resume formatting professionals format the resumes with a quick turn around time. We provide the best and cost effective resume formatting services. Our resume formatting services including: Improving Resume Enhancing Resume Resumes Processing Management Resumes Formatting Managing 14. Benefits of RPO Lower cost of the recruiting and hiring process Gain access to specialized recruitment expertise Reduced cycle times (time-to-hire), resulting in better-quality hires A more variable overhead, resulting in monthly costs that more closely mirror actual needs Enhanced customer service to candidates, resulting in positive "employee branding" Enhanced customer service to hiring managers, allowing them more time to spend on core responsibilities Increase employee retention 15. Case Study Telephone Sourcing Our client is one of the top IT services company (Forbes Global 2000 list of company) specialize in software solutions. The Challenge: They are planning to set up an Inside Sales Team for Philippines and this recruitment activity has to be completed on an urgent basis. They were exhausted with all the available job boards and local manpower vendors and finding it difficult to source more candidates and fill the positions. Key Resourcing entered into an agreement to create the first-of-its-kind-outsourced recruitment solutions. 16. Case Study Telephone Sourcing The Solution 1. Our team of expert Researchers generated a list of their competitors and shared with them. 2. Our client team reviewed the list and highlighted the list of companies they would like us to target. 3. Our Researchers performed cold calling (telephone sourcing) activity and sourced all relevant candidates (with contact details) from each target list of companies. 4. Shared the data with the client on a daily basis 5. In-house recruiters from client side used this data and pre-qualified each and every candidate. 6. Pre-qualified candidates called up for face to face round of interview and closed the positions accordingly. 17. Case Study Telephone Sourcing The Result We completed the projects before the agreed time (2 months). The candidates placed are from their competitors and so their performance was excellent, meeting all the standards and requirements. The client was totally satisfied with this experience and the quality of work done. 18. Case Study Telephone Sourcing The success metrics include: 1. More than 50% reduction in recruiting costs 2. Decreased time to fill from 120 days to 60 days 3. 45 hires in 2 months time 4. 30 days to shortlist 5. 100% direct hires 6. Talent database built to 1,800 candidates 19. Thank you... Key Resourcing Key Recruitment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. D/203, Choice Arcade, Dhole Patil Road, Pune, India - 411 001. Phone No: +91 20 41 355 786 E-mail: URL: