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Mohammed Mufassir Khan | 20141-16984

Employee Engagement

Bushra Nayyar | 20141-17126

HRM-301: Human Resource Management

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Employee Engagement

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What is Employee Engagement? What are the benefits of Employee Engagement? How to build an engaged workforce? Is there a dark side to Employee Engagement? ESI Employee Engagement in Pakistan Forbes Harvard Business Review Future

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What is Employee Engagement?This measures work engagement, which has three elements:

vigour (energy, resilience and effort)

dedication (for example, enthusiasm, inspiration and pride)

absorption (concentration and being engrossed in one’s work).

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What is Employee Engagement?It identifies three dimensions of employee engagement:

intellectual engagement – thinking hard about the job and

how to do it better

affective engagement – feeling positively about doing a good


social engagement – actively taking opportunities to discuss

work-related improvements with others at work.

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How to build an Engaged Workforce?Fundamentals of any employee engagement strategy:Leadership that gives a ‘strong strategic narrative about the organisation, where it’s come from and where it’s going’.

Line Managers who motivate, empower and support their employees.

Employee Voice throughout the organisation, to challenge or reinforce the status quo and involve employees in decision making.

‘Organisational integrity’: stated values are embedded into organisational culture; what we say is what we do.

Integrity, closely relates to the sense of fairness and trust in the organisation and the psychological contract, which depend on employers delivering on their commitments and fulfilling employees’ expectations.

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Drivers of Engagement

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What are benefits of Employee Engagement?FOR ORGANISATIONS

We consider three important outcomes of engagement: Performance: innovative work behaviour – or the extent to which people innovate in their jobs and intent to quit.


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OUTCOMES OF ENGAGEMENT Employee engagement is associated with a range of positive outcomes at the

individual and organisational levels. Engaged employees perform better. The majority of our respondents were rated ‘good’ in their last appraisal. Engaged employees are more innovative than others. Engaged employees are more likely to want to stay with their employer. In our sample, 35% indicate that they would like to continue working for their

employer for five or more years, compared with 17% who want to leave within the next two years.

Engaged employees enjoy greater levels of personal well-being. Engaged employees perceive their workload to be more sustainable than others. One-third of employees are ‘fit-performers’, enjoying high levels of personal well-

being and performing well. Our data indicate that excessively high levels of engagement might lead to ill-

health and burnout

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Is there a dark side to Employee Engagement?

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Is there a dark side to Employee Engagement?

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ESIHow the Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) works and how to use it?

Employee Satisfaction Index is a method used to get an overall idea of how satisfied employees are with their workplace. The procedure is built on three questions that are developed to visualize in-house satisfaction in a way that is easy to measure and present to employees. The questions are produced so that they can be applied to all sorts of companies and industries.

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ESIThree questions of the Employee Satisfaction IndexThese are the three questions which the Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) is based on:

How satisfied are you with your current workplace?How well does your current workplace meet your expectations?How close is your current workplace to the ideal one?

Together they establish a company’s ESI. The employees answer the questions on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and worst value while 10 is the highest and best value.

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Employee Engagement Pakistan

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Pakistan Employee Engagement ‘Excellence in Engagement’ award

was received by DHL for their exceptional level of employee engagement. Other winners included Shell, Bayer, English Biscuit Manufacturing, Midas Safety, IGI Insurance, National Foods, Telenor, Maersk and Metro Cash and Carry.

PSHRM and Engage Consulting are pioneers in studying and recognising the best companies to work for in Pakistan. The study was introduced in 2008 and has been conducted every alternate year since then.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 18th, 2015

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Employee Engagement PakistanFindings and recommendations

It is observed in broad range that the employees working in various private organizations have a positive approach toward employee’s engagement. Most of the employees viewed that employee engagement adds to the profitability and services improvement in respective organization. Employee engagement inclination differs from department to department one employee to employee basis and employee’s mindset toward employee engagement is also different. Employees are inclined towards engagement if they are given proper rewards system, employee motivation, and involvement in major organizational activities with an active participation in decision making. These finding are also supported via statistical results.Whereas leadership, employee involvement and customer orientation do not have significant impact in engaging the employees.

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Forbes Employee Engagement Employee Engagement does

not mean Employee Happiness or Satisfaction

Employee Engagement is the Emotional Connection of the Employee to Organization

Engaged Employees lead to…    higher service, quality, and

productivity, which leads to…       higher customer satisfaction,

which leads to…          increased sales (repeat

business and referrals), which leads to…

            higher levels of profit, which leads to…

               higher shareholder returns (i.e., stock price)

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Forbes Employee Engagement Employee Engagement

Stagnant in US 2015 OfficeVibe releases slack bot

to measure Employee Engagement

White Paper High Performing Work Force

Workplace Coach: Cultivating Employee Engagement leads to retention

Employee Engagement Tactics to Prevent Retail Workers from Jumping Ship

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Harvard Business Review: Employee Engagementfrom 200,000 employees across 40 companies in 60 countries and found several troubling trends:Engagement scores decline with employee tenure, meaning that employees with the deepest knowledge of the company typically are the least engaged.Engagement scores decline as you go down the org chart, so highly engaged senior executives are likely to underestimate the discontent on the front lines.Engagement levels are lowest among sales and service employees, who have the most interactions with customers.Line supervisors, not HR, lead the charge.Supervisors learn how to hold candid dialogues with teamsTeams rally ’round the customer. They also do regular “pulse checks.”

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CIPD Express Tribune Forbes Harvard Business Review Google

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