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Sabrina Bergel Lipp

DONALD W. MOORE JR.1406 Wildwood Crossings Birmingham, AL 35211 (205) 335-0759

SUMMARYJunior Software Developer, Undergraduate Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems at Ashworth College, Full-Stack Development Bootcamp candidate at Hack Reactor. 12 years of experience in service industry (customer service and retail sales), 3 years of experience in retail management, 2 years of experience managing a retail production environment.

Areas of expertise: Object-Oriented Programming, Web Design, Database Administration, Data Science

Current skills/languages: Java, C# (w/ ASP.NET), PHP, MySQL, C++, Python, JavaScript, R, Swift, Go, AJAX, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, Ruby (w/ Rails), MVC architecture, Database Administration, A+, some Graphic Design

Well-educated in object-oriented programming. Able to develop cross-platform, mobile, and web applications. Familiar with both high-level and low-level programming languages. Experience using various IDEs and software including NetBeans, Visual Studio, Android Studio, MySQL Workbench, Eclipse, Sublime Text 3, IntelliJ, Atom, FlooBits, Aptana Studio 3, RStudio, GitHub, CLI, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project, Adobe Creative Cloud Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, et al.

Seeking employment in an area that I can grow in something that allows me to fully utilize my organizational skills.

EDUCATIONASHWORTH COLLEGE Norcross, GAAssociate of Science in Computer Information Systems2014 current Current GPA: (3.83) 55 credits completed, including 24 credits in computer science

UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMATuscaloosa, ALBachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship 2005 2008 30 credits completed

EXPERIENCETHE VILLAGEBirmingham, AL501(c)3 Non-Profit OrganizationRetail Manager / Production May 1st 2014 March 9th, 2016Case Manager / Intern August 23rd, 2012 May 1st, 2014

Managed flow of traffic in three separate departments (warehouse, production, and sales). Conducted sales analysis. Managed a retail floor working with Point of Sale software Startup company/small business experience. Entire project made > $1,000,000 in the two years that I worked there. Certified counselor to the homeless and the destitute.

SIGNATURE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS, LLC.Roswell, GAReal Estate BrokerageCarpenter / Brokers AssistantJune 2010 August 2012 Home staging, small renovations, and some prospecting. Mostly moving furniture into houses, a few small chores that keep the houses up-to-date like scraping paint off windows,fixing holes, patching leaks, etc.

SKILLS/INTERESTSSkills:see Summary for list of skills (top of page)Affiliations:Hunter Street Baptist ChurchCertifications:various certifications ( Too many to list here.Activities:Essentially Equipped Challenge, Mens Advance, Pi Kappa Phi alumniInterests:Programming, ERP, Project Management, Full-Stack Development, CRM, Accounting, Data Mining