Build a Better Criminal Background Search [Infographic]

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  1. 1. The National Criminal Database is thebreadof your criminal background check process. It provides a solid base of national criminal information; unfortunately important information can slip through this layer. You wouldnt eat a sandwich with just bread, and you really dont want to use the National Criminal Database as a standalone search. National Criminal Database BUILDING A HERO OUT OF YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD SEARCH To best protect your organization, it is essential to understand the different types of criminal record searches and how they work. Much like a great sandwich, a great criminal record check process is built with layers. Taking the time to learn about each type of criminal record search and matching the appropriate search to the appropriate job position will ensure you hire a hero instead of a zero. Wants and Warrants Search - This search provides information about individuals with active and extraditable warrants. Civil Searches - These searches can be ordered at either a federal or county level. They provide information about claims, suits and judgments filed by individuals against other private parties or corporations. Federal and Global Sanctions - Justifacts offers information from numer- ous sanctions lists that are often required on an industry specific basis. Some of the more popular sanctions include: OFAC, OIG, GSA, OCC, and FDIC. Additional Sides Conclusion: Of course, a healthy criminal background check program needs to be ongoing. Scheduled post hire monitoring helps make sure that your employees are maintaining the safe, responsible conduct you require. Brought to you by: JustifactsCredential Verification, Inc. A Sex Offender Registry Search provides information about individuals who have committed a sexual offense and have been required to register their whereabouts with their state as a part of their sentence. This search is useful as a supple- mentary search and should be used in combination with a State and/or County Criminal Search. Sex Offender Registry Federal courts handle cases in which the crime occurred on federal property and/or federal laws were violated. Federal courts do not share information with State or County Courts. Federal Criminal Search County and/or State Searches are themeatof your crimi- nal background check process. These court records are an essential component of a comprehensive background search. The information provided by these courts includes the most accurate, timely and complete data available. County and State Searches If an applicant has lived or spent time out of the country, international criminal searches may be added. Justifacts offers a variety of International Criminal Screening Solu- tions based on the best practices of each specific country. International Criminal Searches