Top 5 Tips for Taking Good Photos of Your Point Breeze Home for Sale

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Top 5 Tips for Taking Good Photos of Your Point Breeze Home for Sale

The old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words and this cant be any truer when it comes to real estate. When buyers look for Point Breeze homes for sale in Pittsburgh, one of the very first things that they will notice is the home photo. No matter how much information or how affordable the price is, if people are not impressed with the photos that come with your listing, they wouldnt even bother to take a second look.

To help in selling your home, here are some tips for taking good photos that sell:

1. Shoot straight on at a lower angle. As much as possible, try to use a tripod to avoid any shaky photos. Position it at a straight angle, parallel to the subject. Diagonal lines on your photo when you tilt your camera up or down does not look professional.It distorts the vertical lines of your house for sale in Point Breeze. Also, take low shots so that buyers would feel like they are in the home and not looking at it from a stepladder.

2. Avoid wide-angle lens. As much as you might want to capture the entire place in one frame, using wide-angle lens distorts the photo. It makes items that are close to the camera appear larger while items far away from the camera appear much smaller. Instead of a wide-angle lens, use normal lens and simply step away from the subject. This way, it looks more natural and gives the buyers a more intimate look into the home.

3. Use as much natural lighting as possible. Using the correct lighting is crucial in taking good photos. Make use of as much natural light as you can to provide a more comfortable look of the space. Do not use flash. You want to aim for a softer light so its best to shoot later in the afternoon or early in the morning.

4. Do not take a photo of everything. While its important for buyers to see the space entirely, luxury REALTORS in Point Breeze Pittsburgh PA advise sellers that what photos need to do is to entice the buyers into looking into the home more. The photos should make them want to call and schedule a viewing instead of making a decision right then and there while looking at your listing.

5. Do a quick touch up of the photos before posting. Just because you followed everything in this list and the photos looked good while youre looking at them in your cameras screen doesnt mean that you can go ahead and post all the photos at once. Blow them all up in your computer first and see exactly how the photos turned out. Chances are, you might have missed something or cropped an important part out so check first before posting.

Additional tip: Stage your home before you start taking photos. This way, the space looks cleaner, well-organized, and a lot more presentable.

Buyers want to see the potential of the space when they look at the photos. So your photos must make them want to imagine their lives living in a Point Breeze home for sale. For more tips on better home selling, go to

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