SECO15 Welcome and Introductions

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Welcome to SECO15!

Welcome to SECO15!

Welcome to SECO15!

SECOFor Community Owners By Community OwnersMission statement: Educate, inform, and inspire manufactured home community owners.

SECOFor Community Owners By Community OwnersObjectives: Encourage community owner networking and education; promote community-series-home acquisition, financing, and sales; facilitate community acquisition, financing, management and sales; provide affordable housing; improve the community segment of the manufactured housing industry as responsible business owners and professional managers.


For Community Owners By Community Owners

Thank you MH Manufacturers, Sponsors, and Vendors!

Thank YOU for coming!

Thank YOU for coming!

SECO15 Planning CommitteeEvent Planners: Jennifer Harbin, HFI Event Services: Sue McCart, Kristina Unger

CO volunteers: Steve Case, Ron Cobb, David Greene, Don Hudgins, Robert Love, Michael Power, David Protiva, Spencer Roane, David Roden, Mark Titshaw, Jay Zandman