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  1. 1. Real Estate++
  2. 2. Discover your Next Home Owner Imagine if you knew what properties potential home owners were interested in before they reached out to you. Once they reach out, you are already prepared to show them their next house.
  3. 3. Personalize Home Owner Communication Imagine home owners automatically receiving information tailored to their interested home features. They see only houses they are looking for, increasing their confidence in you as an agent.
  4. 4. Constantly Keep in Touch With Your Clients Now imagine your messages constantly being seen. Potential home owners receive messages about property updates to their preferred method of contact. Home owners receive the right information, on the right method, at the right time.
  5. 5. Simplify Social Media Have automated social media accounts that reach your followers Vibrant, constant messages keep your potential clients seeing your available properties All these features are available within one dedicated platform.
  6. 6. Full Open Houses Hold open houses with confidence. Receive detailed information on the potential of an open house. Afterwards potential buyers receive messages with information furthering their interest in the house.
  7. 7. Lasting Memorable Experiences Once the home owner moves in, they receive messages thanking them for their business. Buyers feel like part of the team by quickly completing a survey.
  8. 8. Real Estate++