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  1. 1. Happy Samui Land - Real Estate, Land, Construction and Property Happy Samui Land and Properties has a German/Austrian management. We have extensive experience in land sales, house construction and property management on Koh Samui. We maintain a wide range of contacts in the local community, and are able to offer quality land and properties at affordable prices. We can deal with all your needs from the purchase of land and signing of contracts, right upto choosing contractors and supervising of the building process. Our website includes a large database of carefully selected land and properties throughout Koh Samui and Phangan. Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for as we have a constantly updated range of real estate. Building & Construction Your selection of construction company is extremely important. If you intend to employ a project manager or project management company then it is often best to ask them their advice as it is likely they will have worked with a number of construction companies and can advise you accordingly. We do not recommend project managing the project yourself unless you are planning on being on-site at least
  2. 2. 80% of the time and have a reasonable knowledge of the Thai language and Thai culture. Invariably westerners unfamiliar with these things get angry and frustrated on building projects. Furnishing & Interior Design The majority of us know that the choice of colors, textures and materials and fixtures and fittings makes a huge difference to how a home feels. If you use light color vertical blinds and modern style furnishings you generate an office style feel. Conversely curtains and easy chairs change the feel of the room to a lounge. This is the most basic of examples and it is the finer details such as choice of colors & materials (textures) as well as lighting that really gives an area a distinct feel. Light or dark colors can also change the apparent size of a room - darker colors make a room appear smaller. Mirrors can also often be used to good effect to generate interesting reflected scenes from a particular seating area, also in turn increasing the apparent size of the room. Architectural Services It goes without saying that one of the first steps in building a house / villa is getting an architect to design something to your broad requirements that makes the best possible use of your land. This is particularly important when the land is on a hillside or contour. Rather than cut into the land or move features such as boulders or prominent trees it may very well be best to incorporate attractive natural features into the design. A good architect will spot these things and point this out. This can reduce costs as well as having the benefit of generating a unique feel to the premises. It is of course ultimately up to you to decide what style of property to build however an experienced architect is invaluable in being able to pass on their experience from other designs - allowing them to advise you on where to locate outside areas and large areas of glass based on the aspect of the land. If you intend employing a project management company then it is advisable to ask them their advice also as they will most likely have worked with a number of architects. Project Management If you intend purchasing land and constructing your own property then we recommend using a reputable project management company. Working on a project such as constructing a villa in Thailand can be frustrating at times and some things can appear to be far more difficult than the same tasks in your own country. This is usually caused by language barriers and differences in culture. A professional project management company takes a lot of the stress out of the project for the owner. The project management company will also usually be able to advise their clients on which sub-contractors they recommend for particular specialist jobs. They will normally have worked with a variety of construction companies and sub-contractors. As well they will have experience of problems encountered in the past as well as an extensive knowledge of Thai and the culture differences. As such they will be preventing many small problems that often an owner 'project manager' would not spot.
  3. 3. About Koh Samui Virtually unheard of forty years ago, Samui has fast become one of South-East Asia 's premiere travel destinations. Boasting top nightclubs, gourmet restaurants and breathtaking scenery; your holiday will have everything you could want. The Hin Lad and Na Muang waterfalls are idyllic spots for a picnic whilst Samui's white sandy beaches make for excellent swimming and diving. Later in the day why not visit one of the Thai boxing stadiums or go night fishing on a long-tail boat for an original Samui experience. Bargain hunters should make their way to the markets and shops of Na Thon, Chaweng and Lamai. From made-to-measure Armani suits, to flip-flops for the beach it's all here waiting for you. Restaurants in Samui are hard to match anywhere else in the world for their sheer diversity. French haute cuisine and Italian pasta dishes sit alongside more traditional noodle soup stalls (who serve the deadly hot Som Tam). Even the British Sunday Roast can be found with ease. +6681 597 80 82 |