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  • From Pat Crockett-Ellis / Creative Services Hi everyone – attached are the Agent Personal Brochures that are available to order from me. I will need the following information from the agent to process their orders:

    1. All contact information, including designations 2. All Memberships 3. Any awards if they have them 4. New photo if they received it since we became BH&G 5. And format choice

    Once I have this information I will then set up the agent’s brochure, send them a PDF proof, and if everything is okay they can print directly from the high resolution PDF I’ll be sending them. Knowing that I will be swamped with orders once you receive this email, please let your agents know that I will get them a proof as quickly as I can. There is no charge for this since agents can print directly from the PDF. Questions, please let me know. Thanks - Pat Crockett Ellis

    Send an email to Pat - CLICK HERE [ Pat.Ellis@GaryGreene.com ]

    Call Pat @ 713-465-6644

    Order Your Personal Brochures

    mailto:Ken@KenBrand?subject=email%20subject mailto:Ken@KenBrand?subject=email%20subject mailto:Pat.Ellis@GaryGreene.com mailto:Pat.Ellis@GaryGreene.com
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