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  • 1. Question: Where can I find my LinkedIn url for my profile? This is a great question. You will want to know all the url information for all of your social media accounts so you can use them on your promotional materials and direct people to your profiles. I am going to show you where your LinkedIn url is and how you can customize it. 1. Go to LinkedIn and log in to your account 2. Go to Settings on the top of your LinkedIn home page 3. Under Settings go to Public Profile Under the Public Profile you will see your public profile in the form of a url. My public profile is

2. 4. If you want to customize your profile url, click Public Profile and you will see a box where you can customize your url. Choose your what you would like your url to be and type it in the box. Click Set Address. Congratulations! You now have a custom LinkedIn url. Now use this url on your business card, website etc to help people connect with you.


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