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Real Estate Advertising for the Digital Age 2016 Adwerx. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. Do not distribute. 70%of customers will hire the first agent they talk to.92% of home buyers search for homes online.Why does digital advertising matter for real estate?Ads for your listings Keep your sellers happyPut your listings in front of potential buyers in a 15 mile radius or in specific cities.Your sellers see their home advertised on major web sites as they browse and on Facebook.Your sellers receive regular reports, showing you are actively marketing their home.Promote homes that are Just Listed, Just Sold or Just Reduced.Ads by Zip Reach people you WANT to knowProspect for new clients in areas that matter to you. 5 spots per zip code.Build brand awareness as the agent people see everywhere online and in their Facebook feed.Create confidence with familiarity.Stay in front of people whove been to your site with retargeting.Ads for your sphere Reach people you already knowNurture the relationships for repeat and referrals.Upload a list of the people in your database.Subtle, non-intrusive ads on the Web and Facebook keep you top of mind.Target your message to your specific audience.How do we find the right people?Where will they see your ads?Weve helped over 30,000 agents do digital the right way. Ive really focused away from the number of clicks and onto impressions and reminded myself that that many thousand of people have seen my picture, my name, and my company logo.- Melia Campbell, NextHome Campbell RealtyAdwerx branding ads help me create that social proof that I'm an expert in my market and I'm a trusted source for my clients.- Andrea Geller, Coldwell BankerAdwerx helps us expand our exposure into the marketplace. It allows us to become recognized as the leader in the market.- Scott Lehmann, Sonoran Desert PropertiesWeve helped over 35,000 real estate agents.Schedule a demofor your team or office! sales@adwerx.comCourtney Gatter919-794-8071