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  • 1. Service Overview
    Sales & Marketing Guidelines

2. Banker In A Box is
a turnkey mortgage lending service, enabling mortgage and financial service professionals and companies to serve as a multi-state, direct lenders without all the associated costs, licensing, disclosure hassles and net worth requirements.

  • Sales Management

3. AMC/HVCC MDIA 4. Disclosure Process 5. Processing 6. Underwriting 7. Funding 8. Marketing 9. CommunicationsHome loans
to your clients
Banker in a Box
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10. Banker In A Box delivers
an all-inclusive mortgage lending enterprise through a simple software and communication platform which enables the user to pick, disclose, status and deliver a home loan based on their clients individual needs.Using CRM,LOS and Data base Management Solutions melded into a Single Touch Point system called LenderLink PMAC proprietary software platform.

  • Sales Management

11. AMC/HVCC MDIA 12. Disclosure Process 13. Processing 14. Underwriting 15. Funding 16. Marketing 17. CommunicationsHome loans
to your clients
Banker in a Box
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18. Banker In A Box benefits the user

  • Autonomy -by providing complete control of the loan selling, origination, management and pricing of the loan, thus ensuring higher quality, reduced costs and increased profitability for the user

19. 100% commission payout minus Corporate Cost and Taxes (15%) 20. CRM, LOS, HR, Administration and all Back Room operations taken care of 21. Group Insurance and 401K 22. Consistent Industry Relevant Marketing Collateral Delivered Directly To You 23. On-Going Training Live at PMAC University or Via Webinar 24. Access to all PMACbrick and mortar locations 25. Access to PMAC University for training events, webinarsand FTHB seminars 26. PMAC U is a Fully Functional Training/BusinessFacility with 15x15 Built in Move Screen and Retractable Projector and sound system for Presentations and Webinars. 2010 PMAC Lending Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
27. The All-Inclusive Mortgage Lending Enterprise

  • (Item A)Sales, Qualification ,Loan Disclosure ,Application & Electronic Submittal

28. (Item B) Everything Accessible through the Internet 29. (Item C) PMAC Mortgage Lending Enterprise 30. (Item 1) Loan Origination & Task Assignments 31. (Item 2) Management, Loan Origination & Processing 32. (Item 3) - Loan Underwriting, Funding & Post Closing Data Management 33. (Item W) Warehouse Lending w/ Correspondent Relationships 34. (Item D) Multiple Borrower Types 35. Fannie Mae Seller Servicer, HUD Full Eagle 2010 PMAC Lending Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
36. Why PMAC :: How it Benefits You

  • More Profit & Revenue

37. Through Increased Production and Decreased Costs 38. Greater Resources & Support 39. Operations 40. Latest Technology 41. Refines Workflow & Process 42. Marketing & Advertising Creating Demand 43. More Competitive 44. Great Choice, Convenience and Satisfaction from your clients 45. Loan Product Access 46. Greater Control 47. Meeting and Managing Customer Expectations 48. Reduced Liabilities 49. Standardization 50. All Loans Consistently Packaged 51. Eliminate Long Broker Lists 52. One Conduit for All Loans 2010 PMAC Lending Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
53. What Makes PMAC Different :: Our Distinct Advantages

  • Process & Workflow Powered by Technology

54. Turnkey End to End Mortgage Lending Enterprise 55. LenderLink 56. Quick & Easy Best Practices 57. Sales Process Disclosure, MDIA, AMC, HVCC 58. Loan Selection & Pricing 59. Needs List Provided & Task Management 60. Total Compliance with All Governmental Agencies 61. In House Underwriting & Funding 62. Event Trigged E-mailing, Tasking, and Updating To Appropriate Parties 63. 24/7 Communication to All Parties from any Windows/ Internet PC in the world 64. Transaction History to audit the entire file 65. Unique Database Marketing 66. Targeted to your Clients Needs based on Key Trends 67. Loan Selection 68. Assistance 69. Start Up Costs and Monthly Subscription 70. Marketing Collateral & Promotion 71. Training, Training and Training 2010 PMAC Lending Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
72. PMAC Support

  • Corporate

73. Developing Your Business Plan & Time Management 74. Providing, Implementing and Training You with All PMAC Resources 75. Full Technology Access 76. Licensed/Operating in 9 Western States 77. Start Up Expense Assistance 78. Virtual Office-Everything you need is online 79. Loan Processing, Funding all done transparently and Centralized 80. Corporate Benefit Plan 81. Compliance & QC 82. Sales 83. Select the Loan & Control the Loan Pricing 84. Marketing 85. Personalized Marketing Materials for Templates 86. Loan Program Collateral 87. Loan Scenario Collateral 88. Corporate Collateral 89. Open-House Collateral 2010 PMAC Lending Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
90. What We Require

  • Tenure

91. 3 5 Years in the Mortgage Lending Business 92. Established Production History 93. Verify via W-2 Pay Check Stubs/ Financial Statements 94. Production 95. Background 96. Employment Application 97. References 98. ADP Background Report 99. No Felony Convictions 100. Fees 101. Start-up and Set-up Costs determined by election of products 2010 PMAC Lending Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
102. Banker in a Box :: Pricing Options*
* All pricing options are fully explained in Banker In A Box Cost Agreement
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103. Banker in a Box
For more information regarding our Banker in a Box program contact:
Phillip V. Rodriguez
V.P. So. Cal Production
(909) 539-6568 Direct:
(714) 925-3991 Cell:
For more information about PMAC, visit us online at .
Take an online tour of our Corporate Headquarters:
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