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AIPL The Peaceful Homes is a newly launched residential project by Advance India Projects Limited. The project is located at Sector 70A in Gurgaon. AIPL The Peaceful Homes offer 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK apartments along with penthouses.

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  • 2. We believe owning a place which you can call home shouldnt be a matter of strife. Neither should living in it be a cause for stress.That timely delivery, trust, transparency and quality excellence should be the foundation on which your home is built.That living in it should be a constant pleasure with every little thing taken care of.Discover premium 2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments and penthouses in a superbly peaceful location at Sector 70 A, Gurgaon.Welcome to AIPL The Peaceful Homes by AIPL. Welcome to a life without stress.Peace with the environment.Peace of promised delivery.Peace of quality guarantee.Peace of premium value.Peaceful possession.Peaceful transaction.Peaceful location.AIPL The Peaceful HomesPrepared&Aggregatedby:www.nirrtigo.comGreenRealtechProjectsPvt.LtdRealEstateProjectsIndia|UserRatings&Reviews|CommonCause|Discussions|Research
  • 3. Prepared&Aggregatedby:www.nirrtigo.comGreenRealtechProjectsPvt.LtdRealEstateProjectsIndia|UserRatings&Reviews|CommonCause|Discussions|Research1565 sqftAIPL The Peaceful Homes
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