What is Your Speaking Speed? Why it Matters & How to Measure It Now

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Question: How long would you queue up for one of these?

What is your speaking speed? Why it matters & How to measure it right now.. Julian Goodes 1



PossiblyDo you know how fast you can type?

Doubt it3

Do you know how fast you speak?

Do you know the rate at which you should be speaking? 4

Highly Unlikely

Yet the speed at which you speak is really important . 1. Audience will know if you are nervous or excited This will impact your ability to persuade 5

2. Too Fast -Audience may not be able to understand you

Multiple feedback from local staff here in China of this issue with foreign managers6

Speed is important

3. Too Slow Audience becomes bored & disengaged


Speed is important

Could be as a result of language or cultural reasons

What is a good speaking speed then?8

Note: Similar to typing, speaking speed is calculated by W.P.M or Words Per Minute

Speaking Speeds (WPM)150-160 BBC news & radio suggested speed105-115 Average speed from Texas (USA)120 Presentations with slides suggested speed637 Worlds fastest speaker158 Steve Jobs


So.What about you?10

How can I count my WPM?1. Use a W.P.M toolwww.wordcountertool.com

2. Find some content, paste it into word, use word counter & then read/record it11

Best way to measure your real/natural speaking speed is

record yourself in meetings, presentations & interpersonal communications12

Finally, once you have more awareness about your speaking speed

flex it to your audience and the situation you are in 13

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