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Top Ten Slide TipsArticle by Garr ReynoldsSource:

Picture Source: Caroline These are the top ten tips on how to create a stellar PowerPoint!1Keep it SimpleSource: Nana B Agyel

Keep it simple. Do not have complicated slides with lots of distracting pictures surrounded by lots of text. Make the point that needs to be made clear to the audience.2Limit TextSource: slworking2 Limit the text. Do not have a lot of texts on the slides because your audience is going to read that on their own or not pay attention. Keep it simple and make the point clear. This also helps not read right off the slide and insult the intelligence of the audience.3Limit TransitionsSource: Michael Nienaltowski

Limit the Transitions. The audience will get bored with a lot of transitions waiting for the information to show up on the slide. They want the point not their time wasted.4High Quality ImagesSource: Moyan Brenn is important to have high quality images relating to real life. It will catch the attention of the audience and keep their attention through out the presentation. It keeps thing interesting and appealing.5Source: Gerard Stolk Original TemplatesOriginal Templates are boring and many presenters use the same ones over and over again, boring the audience. If a different template id used it will catch the eye of the audience, keeping them engaged and they will not forget it.6Use Appropriate ChartsSource: Lauren Manning Keep the charts simple. Do not include to much information and make it hard for the audience to understand the information being presented. Make it clear the data that the audience needs to understand and the message you want to convey to them.7Color MattersSource: Bart Color matters. Colors make the presentation interesting and engage the audience. If there are not colors it is very boring and you will lose the audiences attention. 8Chose Fonts WellSource: Kt Ann Fonts can make or break a presentation. If the information is not clear and the audience can not read the information then the whole presentation is worthless. It is important that the information being conveyed is clear and can be read by the audience. 9Use Audio/Video Source: Sergiu Bacioiu Audio or Videos makes presentations exciting and interesting. It gives the audience a break from the presenters voice and gives their mind a break. It also breaks up the presentation too. It can also help convey the message given.10Slide Order MattersSource: Svenwerk Order matters because if the presentation does not make sense logically, the audience will be confused and the message will not be conveyed properly. The slides need to be in a logical order for the audience to understand and for a great presentation.11