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Top 5 biggest life insurance myths

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  • Latest News : There are several misconceptions about life insurance. It is a popular notion that older or married individuals with kids should invest in one, or that the insurance only offers post-death benefit. Here we debunk some of the biggest life insurance myths Life insurance policy is critical to any financial planning. Yet it is never prioritized and is often considered complicated to decode. But it is always a good idea to invest in life insurance, more so sooner than later. Especially, since not having one when you need it can be devastating. While there are quite a few common myths about life insurance, here is a list of the five biggest ones. Myth 1: Single, without dependents. I don't need coverage At the risk of sounding morbid, singles too need enough coverage to cover the costs of personal debts and medical bills. If uninsured, they could leave unpaid expenses for families to deal with. Even if single people are not saddled with such dire situations, it is a good way to leave a legacy to some cause. Also, many policies allow insurers to purchase additional coverage in the future. For example, HDFC Life offers Life Stage Protection under Life option where the insurer can increase the insurance cover on certain key milestones of life like marriage, child birth without fresh medical test. So, the policy can be continued with changes if and when he or she decides to have a family. Many employers too provide employees with life insurance. And even if it does seem like enough, what happens when one loses or leaves the job? Many insurance companies offer to convert optional insurance to an individual policy, but it may turn out to be more expensive than purchasing a policy in the long run. It is rather prudent to consider employer-provided insurance as a bonus. Read more.