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Social MediaBy: Amira Galal.



Overview of Social Networking.Security Threats/Attacks.

Against social media claims.Defense measures/conclusionSupporter's point of view.Thesis statement.

Thesis statement

People claim that social media destroys their life more than improving it as you can be bullied or your life can be hackedBut other people think that when they are used effectively they can have many benefits

What is Social Media?

Overview of Social Media

- It is media that is designed to be shared, sharing means that it is easy to comment on, that it is easy to send- Social media enables people to share information with friends and Family using the Internet

What is social networking?

- It is an online service , platform, or a site that focuses on building relations among people, by sharing their interests or activities

Most Popular Social Networking Sites:

Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Youtube , pinterest , Tumblr & Vine etc


Social Engineering

Hacking social media is called Social engineering as it uses special techniques to take advantage of the weak information in the security system

Snapchat: which is popular among teenagers. It tells users that no one can save their videos or photos

Public privacy

Cyber bullying

Cyber-bullying is bad messages, embarrassing pictures or rumors sent by email or posted on social media

Cyber bullying victim Amanda Todd

Benefits of social media

Benefits of social media

Fast & direct comm.Low costskeep you up to dateBuilding friendshipsEducate yourself


Help us to build new relations and renew old ones all over the world


Our physics group on Facebook

Social media can make you famous and rich, by programming your own social network site (as mark the facebook founder)

You can also be famous on social media by grabbing peoples attention

Security Threats/Attacks

Privacy issues:-Information about person posted by him/herself, others-Information about people collected by OSNs

Common sense: its very difficult to delete information after its been posted online

SNs addiction (All SNs are time consuming)-SNs disconnect us from the real life to live in a virtual one

Defense measures

-Use browser security tools for protection

-Limit the amount of personal information you postCheck privacy policies-Who Can Access Information?-What Information is Public?

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