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Roscoe village

Roscoe villageJordan PhillipsColleen murrayDylan zernich


Land originally bought to build the Worlds largest amusement park which opened in 1903

Restaurants and bars were built to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of visitors (Hadley)


1977 crime became a problem with a series of garage fires

A group was formed to improve the safety of the community, it was successful

The neighborhood was restored (Hadley)

FactsThings to doParkRestaurantsBeat KitchenClothing storesBarsMore Bars

Location of Roscoe Village The neighborhood boundaries are Addison Street to the north, Ravenswood Avenue to the east, Belmont Avenue to the south, and the Chicago River to the westThe streets had a lot of trees growing along itThere were a lot of playgrounds on every other blockThe houses were cute too! How to get there?? Take the Red Line to the Belmont stop and take the bus to the intersection Belmont and Leavitt

DemographicsOverall, Roscoe Village takes up .925 square milesThe total population is 16,244 people*The racial diversity is 56% white, 26% Hispanic, 11.4% African American, 4% Asian, 2% mixed and .6% other*10.4% of the people are attending college at this time*Median income is $92,000*The percent below the poverty line is 8.7% (all from the US Census, website: * As of 2011