Pilbara Pulse 2014 - Small Business Development Corporation - David Eaton

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Small Business Development Corporation CEO and WA Small Business Commissioner, David Eaton, presented at the Karratha and Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry's fourth annual Pilbara Pulse Economic Summit.

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  • 1. DAVID EATON Small Business Commissioner Small Business Development Corporation

2. smallbusinesses 209,000 in WA There are over 3. Businesses by size Source: ABS Large 0.2% Medium 3.1% Small (5-19 staff) 9.8% Micro (1-4 staff) 24.7% Non employing 62.3% 97% of allbusinesses classified as small Majority of start- ups are sole traders 4. Share of private sector industry value added 33.7% Small 42.9% Large 23.4% Medium Share of private sector employment (by business size) 29.9% Large 45.7% Small 24.3% Medium 5. Pilbara has 2,265 small businesses 581 construction 248 rental, hiring and real estate 174 transport, postal and warehousing 145 administration and support services 136 professional, scientific and technical services In the Pilbara Source: ABS 6. Small business provide Tourism experiences Specialty shopping Entertainment and places to meet Support to large businesses 7. European Commission Enterprise and Industry Source: http://ec.europa.eu/small-business Europes 21m SMEs lifeblood of Europes economy of all businesses 98% 67% of totalprivate sector employment 80% of new jobs created over the past 5 years 8. Small business sector recognition Ministers for Small Business -at State and Federal levels Small Business Commissioners In WA, SA, Victoria and NSW National Small Business Commissioner 9. Established in 1984 State Government statutory authority - independent board Key provider of information, advice & guidance for small business in WA 10. Providing a broad range of services 1. Business information and advice 2. Workshops 3. Research and advocacy 4. Business migration 5. Commercial tenancy 6. Alternative dispute resolution 11. Access to justice through Alternative Dispute Resolution service AND business to government disputes For business to business A significant number of potentially serious business disputes in Western Australia are not pursued due to the potential cost of court action. (DIISR Small Business Dispute Resolution Research 2010 Orima Research) 12. Policy and Advocacy Providing advice to: - Minister for Small Business - State Government agencies - Commonwealth Government agencies On a range of topics: e.g. Red tape Access to justice Unfair contract terms Microeconomic reform Franchising Liquor control Personal Property Securities Act Competition Policy 13. How SBDC supported small business in 2012-13 $260m invested by business migrant clients moving to WA 2,400 small business opinions gathered from business owners to assist in developing initiatives and advocating to government 428 clients received intensive case management through Alternative Dispute Resolution Service 14. 93%of clients said information and advice provided was of value to their business 7,415 small business owners received a business licence pack How SBDC supported small business in 2012-13 18,561 personal client contacts 15. Small Business Centre West Pilbara Manager Rachel Whiting Telephone 9144 4668 Address Unit 2, 24 De Grey Place, Karratha Providing local support 16. $ through small business Diversification Pilbara Cities Vision 17. The business environment - everyone has a role Small business operators Academia Public sector agencies Big business Media Government ? 18. Small Business Development Corporation A source for Information and advice Assistance with disputes Advocacy into Government 13 12 49 smallbusiness.wa.gov.au 19. Small Business Development Corporation Thank you