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  2. 2. ABOUT US We are an investment, management and consulting firm that focus on companies that does business in human resources. We believe in "funding through partnership" we provide minority share investment & let the investee have their autonomy to run their business. We provide advisory to manage the company better through better operations efficiency or providing bigger client or new business service to increase the gross revenue n also increasing the nett revenue in the long run.
  3. 3. APBA OVERVIEW A Regional Strategic Alliance Partner with presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan Recently entered into financial and business partnership with a south African listed company gaining instant footprints in the African, Australia and india continents Collaborative initiatives with Philippines, Vietnam, and US In discussion to have footprints in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and s Korea In the Search, BPO, RPO, PPO and HR Consultancy Space
  4. 4. Our Uniqueness is with our significant minority share investments with our various partners, we are able to bring to the table a quickest way to regional reach but retaining localised autonomy in the day to day operations.
  5. 5. We believe the best leaders to run each location are the locals themselves. At APBA, we merely provide the thought leadership and network to spearhead a formidable regional one stop solution to our customers.
  6. 6. Ultimate Exit Expected in 2020
  7. 7. BRINGING VALUE TO NVM Opening doors to Regional Reach Lateral expansion to the existing client base of NVM Open new sectors to be discussed Introducing new, innovative and it driven services BPO, RPO, PPO and Search Review and strengthen the good practices and governance Create unique training and certification initiative with schools with the ultimate aim of deployment to clients Intra city expansion within Vietnam
  9. 9. 10 anson road #34-01 International Plaza #34-01 address website CONTACT US