Meow and the Museum. Trends and challenges in the digital age

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Paper presented to upper managers of Iberian and Latin American Museums at the 8th Meeting of Iberomuseos. Main message: don't be a Dowager Countess and lose relevance by sheer fear of unknown technologies; embrace the technologies, empower visitants, and reap the creative and repetitional benefits of doing so. Surrender your authority and create a platform for/by/with your communities.

Text of Meow and the Museum. Trends and challenges in the digital age

  • 1. MIAU E O MUSEU| Tendncias e Desafios na era digitalMEOW AND THE MUSEUM| Trends and challenges in the digital ageIns Fialho Brando@MuseumsGirl

2. BEYOND | PARA ALEM DE#MUSEUMCATS 3. Despacho n.o 10946/20142.4 Mediante parecer a emitir pelo respetivoMuseu ou Monumento, a Direcao da DGPC reserva-seo direito da nao autorizacao da realizacao ouutilizacao de imagens, sempre que talutilizacao colida com adignidade dos Museus ouMonumentos, se revele incompativel com aprogramacao ou coloque questoes de conservacao e seguranca. 4. LEGITIMIDADE dequem?Criterios deQUEM?WhoseLEGITIMACY?WHOSE criteria?dignidade | dignityculturalcultural 5. Poser pour une photo en imitant une oeuvre n'est pas rserv aux soi-disant touristesidiot.Alain Seban, prsident du Centre Pompidou, et Agns Varda posant devant unephoto de Man Ray, montrant Marcel Duchamp et Bronia Perlmutter imitant eux-mmesun tableau de Cranach.Fonte: Louvre Pour Tous 6. And there we have it a slightly blurry photoof two mamas nursingthere [sic] babes 140years apart. 7. Metropolitan Museum of Art | Digital LabDaniele Frazier. ImpliedWater, 2013. Plastic, ABS, LEDlight, battery 8. Cooper-Hewitt 9. Dries Verhoven, Wanna Play? [Hubbel Am Ufer centro artistico] 10. 11. 12. E ACONTEMPLAO?WHAT ABOUTCONTEMPLATION 13. Un selfie de VivianMaier en 1950 auChateau de Versailles(image from andcourtesy the JeffreyGoldstein Collection)LOUVRE POUR TOUS 14. SEJAMOSREALISTAS! 15. SEJAMOSMESMOREALISTAS! 16. QUEVALORES?WHICHVALUES 17. #CONTEDOS > GADGETS#CONTENTS > GADGETS 18. #EXPERIMENTAO#EXPERIMENTATION 19. C.M. Cascais,Museus Municipais,2010 20. #COLABORAO#COLLABORATION 21. Berthon-Moine, MarblesSerie fotograficaThere is no better place than a museum to look at perfect bodies. []I only selected Greek classical marble statues. This interest in ancientclassical Greek statuary was prompted by the accuracy of its anatomy,the realism of its stance and the influence it still has on the shape of themale body. 22. #FORADOFORMATO#OUTSIDETHEBOX 23. Sada Mire speaking with the community ofGodmo, Sanaag. Photo: Sada Mire 24. #SIM [enquanto o patrono disser no]#YES [until the boss says no] 25. KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! 26. NeedsCash.#statueselfies#museumselfies#statueselfie #art#regram#museumsareawesome 27. KapstandFonte: TheOneHandStandProject