LIVE FROM THE QUAD: Higher Ed & Social Live-Streaming (SXSW 2018 PROPOSAL)

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<ul><li><p>SXSW 2018 PROPOSAL</p><p>LIVE FROM THE QUAD: Higher Ed &amp; Social Live-Streaming</p><p>SYNOPSIS</p><p>Facebook Live, Periscope, and YouTube Live broadcasts are happening at universities the world over - but not just students talking in their dorm rooms or in the quad. Universities themselves, such as Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, and Univ. of Michigan are figuring out ways to use these platforms in the classroom and across campus. From faculty engagement, to admissions engagement - this panel aims to discuss the state of social livestreaming and impact it has on college campuses around the world. </p><p>PARTICIPANTS</p><p>John ColucciSocial Media Dir., Sinclair Broadcast Group</p><p>Laura KellySocial Media ManagerCarnegie Mellon University</p><p>Nikki SunstrumDirector of Social MediaUniversity of Michigan</p><p>Will McGuinnessSocial Media Strategist Columbia University</p></li></ul>