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1. i!My name is. .. 2. i!My name is. .. 3. Katelyn Jennings Hametazan:Cantan, Siblings. 1_ Brother? L One amazing dog" 0 Many amazing frien 4. L LS3 ab (-4; F, " .13 llill , .ut1,7 Z4, , nI*-_:=. ~.-. .an. : tn 4*. 1-:'. ;m w 1 V rl7"7"~' I7"7, l _U 5.1,";.._ I I ' 5. here can you nd me H Katelyn Ann 7ennz'ngs 6. What's fun?Anything with my / iiencls %7Ba really.As long as we are t0g'et/ zen.We have fanll 7. /13%StrengthsLea rning StylesVisual-Watching videos or reading can help me more than most Hands-on -The more I get to work with anything the better I understand it Writing notes -The more I write,the more that I remember.If I don't write while I listen I do not retain muchT-_ - 8. _;_2]4N ' StrengthsWltatis good in life?' I am very loyal and caring I am hardworking I never give up on anythingI am passionate about the things that mean most to me 9. .Z% / [Passmns FriendsSportsI . ~ " ReadingFamily * School 10. Goals Dream 7019 Life ChoicesDream job:A sports agent | Life?-Not hate my job E -Keep all my amazing friends -Succeed-Have a happy marriage Live comfortably / AAX 11. iii!My name is. ..