How to Get More Eyeballs on SlideShare

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Experian hosts a #MarketingChat every Thursday at 4 p.m. ET. In this tweetchat, we discussed ways to improve our slide decks on SlideShare. We discussed ways to optimize our decks with keywords, tags, and design. Tips provided by: @SlideShare @PowerfulPoint @Damonify @DavidWaring @ThinkSEM @NikkiPezzopane @jgombita @webber_karen. You can see the full tweetchat here:

Text of How to Get More Eyeballs on SlideShare

  • Get More Eyeballs on SlideShare How to #MarketingChat Thursdays | 4 p.m. ET
  • Join our #MarketingChat every Thursday at 4 p.m. ET. In this tweetchat, we discussed ways to improve our slides. Check out all the tweets here:
  • Why should more businesses use SlideShare? #MarketingChat
  • RETWEET Why SlideShare? Like it or not, business speaks in PowerPoint. SlideShare extends the conversation outside your office walls. Tweet by @PowerfulPoint
  • Why SlideShare? On SlideShare people actually take the time to look through your content. which can be hard with all the noise elsewhere. Tweet by @Damonify RETWEET
  • #MarketingChat Tweet by @SlideShare Why SlideShare? The power of visual content. It resonates with people and is at the core of SlideShare.
  • Why SlideShare? The SlideShare audience is much more business oriented than other networks especially for B2B. Tweet by @DavidWaring RETWEET
  • Why SlideShare? SlideShare allows live presenters to direct their audience to read the slides at their own speed! Tweet by @ThinkSEM RETWEET
  • What mistakes do people make on SlideShare? #MarketingChat
  • A common mistake on SlideShare is the front cover. Tweet by @Damonify How do you expect people to see your deck if your cover is less than stunning? RETWEET
  • SlideShare Mistake Adding too much information and making it too wordy. Tweet by @NikkiPezzopane RETWEET
  • SlideShare is a visual medium. Think of it as a flipbook, Tweet by @PowerfulPoint where someone can grok your message in a moment. RETWEET
  • SlideShare Mistake Too much filler; conversely, not enough (digestible) pertinent information. Tweet by @jgombita RETWEET
  • Not having a standout cover slide, title or description. These help make your SlideShares more discoverable - and clickable. Tweet by @SlideShare
  • Dont forget that on SlideShare the content needs to speak for you, which is different from a traditional presentation. Tweet by @Damonify RETWEET
  • Putting too much information on one slide is a no-no. Tweet by @ThinkSEM RETWEET It makes it too hard for your audience to read and digest.
  • How important are keywords and tags in SlideShare? #MarketingChat
  • Keywords are important, but great content and clarity are more so. Our users gravitate towards high quality content. Tweet by @SlideShare
  • An easy, eye-catching and sexy title can be crucial for your success on SlideShare Tweet by @Damonify RETWEET
  • #MarketingChat What are ways to build engagement?
  • If you engage in other peoples content, they will promote yours (if it looks great that is). Tweet by @Damonify RETWEET
  • Highly visual content tends to attract more views. Our top decks usually have an engaging visual story that supports the written one. Tweet by @SlideShare
  • Tell a story that can stand alone and think visual. Beautiful content wins on SlideShare. Tweet by @webber_karen RETWEET
  • Join our #MarketingChat Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET