How to choose between the varied wedding photography styles

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  • Wedding photography styles are broadly categorized into three main styles, i.e. Reportage wedding photography, Traditional wedding photography and Contemporary wedding photography.Perth based wedding photography is an amalgamation of these three styles for better coverage and to deliver high resolution pictures. Choose your wedding photography style according to your preferences and demands.


  • Lets read out the characteristic features of these three main wedding photography styles:

  • Reportage wedding photography styleKnown as photo-journalistic (or simply journalistic) or documentary wedding photography style, it has gained enormous popularity in the recent years. It is characterized by a naturalistic approach from the photographer who keep an eye on instant moments of cackling laughter while recording the event minutely.

  • The main objective of a reportage photographer is to document a love-tale out of the wedding by capturing real time moments rather than made up poses. Observation, anticipation and spontaneity are the three fundamental features of this Perth based wedding photography style. It conveys an array of genuine emotion with an added charisma based on the photographers arty vision and outlook.

  • Traditional wedding photography stylePosed, conventional or classic wedding photography are the other names for this style of photography. Traditional wedding photography was one of the most famous styles of genres until the new digital era came into prominence.It rarely captures candid and real time moments, instead take group shots and posed ones. This style involves a great deal of intrusion from the photographer and a large amount of time spent on the setup.

  • Contemporary wedding photography styleThe whole concept of contemporary wedding photography is inspired by fashion, editorial, illustration, creative, modern wedding photography style. The main focus lies in creating high resolution and visually appealing images.On the other hand, shots are made up but are less formal. The photographer aims to find interesting spots as backdrop and make use of better light effects and capture images with multiple angles.

  • Just like the traditional wedding photography style, due to artificially created shots, the resulting images may not fully depict the originality and the real essence of the wedding day.

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