Habit Formation

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HABIT FORMATION Ashutosh Pantawane12IM10007

40-45%HABITSDECISIONS40-45% of Everyday Decisions are based on Our Habits


ExercisingEating HealthyDrinkingSmoking

Comfort Zone Challenge



3RewardBenefit from habitAction we take. The habit itselfRoutine2Trigger / Initiating event that start the habitReminder1The Habit LoopCharles Duhiggs Habit Loop inThe Power of Habit

Set a Reminder1Independent of MotivationPhysical & Visible Link it with current habit

Trigger / Initiating event that start the habit

Follow Routine2Action we take. The habit itselfInculcate Self-control & Motivation to followStart Small:Make it easy that you cant say NO

3Give RewardBenefit from habit

Its important to celebrateGive yourself some credit and enjoy each success

ImportancePain HealthReward SubstitutionIn case Of Exercising RegularlyHealth is More Important than Pain of Exercising

ImportanceTimePain HealthReward SubstitutionWhen considered with Time DomainPain of Exercising (now ) become significant than Health Benefits (Future)

ImportanceTimePain HealthReward Reward SubstitutionUse Reward Substitution to increase significance of Health


InterestedCommittedyou do it only when it's convenientyou accept no excuses, only resultsYESNO

Thats It?Is tiny habit enough for BIG change ?YESSSSSSSSSS !!!!Tiny habit will naturally expandSoon it will be Automatic

Journey of Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step !!

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